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Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Masehi 2008.

Cepatnya masa berlalu; itu yang selalu kita katakan. Memang terasa masa terlalu cepat berlalu. Walaupun sehari masih juga 24 jam. Sejam masih juga 60 minit dan seminit masih juga 60 saat perkiraannya. Baik dalam tahun 2006, 2007 hatta untuk tahun 2008 yang akan kita tempuhi dalam tempoh kurang dari dua jam dari sekarang.

Apa pun, salam tahun baru kepada teman-teman bloggers yang saya selalu kunjungi blog-blog mereka dan teman-teman bloggers yang sudi menjengok blog ini walaupun saya sangat kurang mengemaskini.

Semoga kita semua lebih berjaya dalam apa jua yang kita lakukan ditahun 2008. InshaAllah.

Al Fatihah

My eldest brother sent an SMS reminding me that tomorrow will mark the 17th year of the demise of my/our beloved Father. Again, I thanked him for the kind reminder. He has been dilligent in reminding us all siblings about these important dates. (Read my earlier entry here).

InshaAllah, I will never forget that date. Al Fatihah to Almarhum Ismail bin Ibrahim, ayahanda tercinta. Semoga Ayahanda ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang soleh. Amin.


I wanted to blog about this much earlier but just could not find the time.

In the morning of 14th of November I received an SMS from a colleague that a closed friend of mine has lost his father earlier that morning. The message said the body would be brought to the nearby mosque for prayer at 11AM and thereafter to to buried somewhere at Tanah Perkuburan Taman Ibu Kota.

I was actually drowned with works at that time but after a long thought and some soul searching, instead of sending condolence message to my friend and continu…

Cuti Sekolah Still

When I asked the kids whether they would want to extend their stay for another week at their Atuk's place last weekend, the answer I got was a resounding YES!. My Wife too thought that it would be better for her to be in Melaka since I will be out of KL for half of this week.

So here I am, home alone; bujang again. Just had my dinner of tomyam campur that I bought on my way back home. Nothing interesting on TV. So instead of watching TV, I switched the Astro channel to listen to radio. Besides, I brought back some works to be completed and sent to client latest by tomorrow morning.

Spoke over the phone with all the kids before they went to bed just now. Reminded them of the do'a that we normally recite together before they sleep. Sweet dreams my dearest. Baba miss you all.

Cuti Sekolah

Cuti sekolah sudah pun seminggu berlalu. Sebelum cuti ada perancangan nak hantar anak2 balik kampung Atuk/Nenek mereka di Melaka dan aku dengan mem (dan akid dan Kak Chik) balik KL. Biar lah Kak Long, Kak Ngah dan Abang Akmal duduk kat rumah Atuk diorang seminggu. Maid pun boleh hantar sana, boleh lah tolong my MIL. Ingat boleh lah ber'manja-manjaan' dengan my Wife.

Tapi macam biasa lah, lain yang dirancang, lain pulak yang jadi. Lepas konsert akhir tahun Abang Akmal dan Kak Chik hari Sabtu lepas (17-11-2007), kami sekeluarga balik ke Ayer Keroh. Oleh kerana jadual kerja aku memang padat dengan crazy deadlines sepanjang minggu ni, aku cadangkan kat my Wife supaya dia pun duduk Melaka lah seminggu ni. Bukannya apa, Aku tak nak lah dia terkebil-kebil kat rumah tak sempat nak bermanja dengan laki dia yang sentiasa sibuk.

So for the whole of this week, Aku pulun kerja tanpa rasa bersalah pukul berapa nak balik rumah. Memang kerja gila (ke gile kerja?). Hari-hari balik rumah lepas te…

Raya Dah Habis?!

Maka Syawal dengan rasminya melabuhkan tirainya semalam.

Hari ini sudah 1 Zulkaedah 1428 Hijrah. Tamat sudah 'raya sebulan' pesen orang kita.

AlhamdulilLah, aku sempat jugak menghabiskan puasa 'nam pada hari terakhir Syawal. Hampir2 kecundang tahun ni. Maklumlah banyak sangat Raya Open House pelanggan dan rakan niaga yang perlu dihadiri. Kalau tak makan pun, kena jenguk jugak, sekurang2nya tunjuk muka.

Sebenarnya ada jugak cerita2 puasa dan raya yang ingin dikongsi tapi niat tu terpadam begitu saja memandangkan mungkin cerita2 tu dah basi sebab sudah lama sangat terperap. Tapi atas permintaan Auntie Wan yang nak tengok Akid pakai baju raya, dengan baik hatinya aku upload gambar raya the whole family (minus yours truly, of course!).

Sebenarnya kami sekeluarga belum sempat nak bergambar dan ber'posing' sebab pakcik2 dan makcik2 adik beradik my father in law dah sampai awal pagi sebaik saja selesai sembahyang sunat hari raya. Tahun ni, berbeza dengan tahun2 yang sebelumny…

Can You Believe This?


I could not find any follow up or updates on this news. Did the police went on to investigate the man who allegedly kept the incident secret? Or has the police came to the conclusion that there was no further action required?

Unless I missed the news, why is total silence on this matter?


I was shocked when I read this piece of news this morning.

Cops: Girl fell into river by accident IPOH: A 12-year-old girl whose half-naked body was found floating in Sungai Kampar in Gopeng was not sexually assaulted. Kampar OCPD Superintendent Nordin Manan said initial investigations showed that Chia Kha Man (pic) had drowned. He said the case remained classified as sudden death. Kha Man, a Year Six pupil of SJK (C) Man Ming in Gopeng, went missing last Thursday. On Saturday, two river guides found her body on a rock in the river while kayaking in Kampung Jahang. When Kha Man went missing, there was speculation she and a friend had followed a middle-…

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak. Kullu 'Am Wa Antum Bi Khair.

Salam Aidilfitri. Selamat Hari Raya to all kind visitors and friends.
May all of us will have a blessed 'Eid.

Take care if you are travelling. My family and I will be going back to Ayer Keroh shortly. Just had our final sahur. I'm posting this before Subuh prayer and thereafter off we go. InshaAllah. Will be in Melaka until Saturday. Then Sunday morning all of us will take a flight back from KLIA to KB. We will be back in KL on Friday the next.

Maaf Zahir Batin from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all.


Eh eh....dah nak raya ke? Laaa....

Tak sempat nak pikir pasal raya, nak pikir pasal nak update blog ni dengan cerita-cerita puasa, cerita baju raya etc. etc. ........tup tup dah dekat nak raya dah.

Sibuk, sibuk, sibuk and busy.

Documents to be sent overdue by two days ago. Extended due date by end of today. Only 3 out of 9 documents were ready.

Kat opis, macam-macam ringtones Raya dah berkumandang. Ishhh budak-budak ni tak tau ke orang tengah sibuk ni!! Grrrr....

Ubat Hati

Tombo Ati @ Ubat Hati dari OPICK.

My previous entry on OPICK. Enjoy the clip. Sekali lagi thank you Bro. Jiwa.

Walk With Us for Justice

Excerpt from the Malaysian Bar Website.

Walk for Justice: "When lawyers walk, something must be very wrong"

by Web Reporter
Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 04:41pm

PUTRAJAYA, Wed: "Lawyers don't walk everyday. Not even every month. But when they walk, then something must be very wrong," said Chairman of the Bar Council Ambiga Sreenevasan when addressing a strong crowd of more than 2,000 members of the Malaysian Bar and some concerned citizens at the Palace of Justice before the commencement of the walk to the Prime Minister's office to hand over the Bar's memoranda urging the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to probe the state of judiciary.

Earlier, seven buses ferrying members of the Bar and public from Kuala Lumpur were denied entry to Putrajaya. Frustrated with the police tactics which included sending a helicopter hovering above the crowd, Bar Councillor Edmund Bon and lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad then decided to lead the stranded…

Body in the Bag is Nurin's?

I wanted to blog on other matter. But when Kak Teh commented for a second time in may previous entry with a shocking news that the body of a girl found in the bag was Nurin Jazlin's, I quickly searched for latest news.

Oh God, the Star got it here (online version @6.10AM; Friday, 21 September 2007). The DNA tests showed that the DNA profile of the victim girl was found to be similar of Nurin's parents. The Police is proposing a second DNA test to quash any possible uncertainties as Nurin's parents were still of the view that the victim was not their daughter.

Earlier yesterday, there was even a report that the body could have been of a foreign child because of the absence of the BCG jabs marks.

DNA tests: Body found in bag is Nurin (update 3)
Thursday September 20, 2007
MYT 6:20:21 PMPETALING JAYA: Selangor police have said that DNA tests on the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya show that it is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. However, the …

Animal on the loose?

On this 6th day of Ramadan, I am saddened with this news.

Child found sexually assaulted and killed

PETALING JAYA: She was just a little girl. But that did not stop some sick monster from killing her after sexually assaulting her. Her naked body was stuffed into a sports bag and left at the staircase of a shop lot in PJS1/48 Petaling Utama yesterday. There were bruises on her neck, suggesting that she may have been strangled. There were also bruises on her hands.

The girl, said to be between six and nine, was initially feared to be eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who has been reported missing. But Nurin Jazlin’s parents, who rushed to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary, said it was not their daughter. A supervisor with a book distributing company Cheng Yan Fang, 32, found the black-and-blue sports bag at 8.30am outside the premises. She thought the bag belonged to her employer who had just returned
from Singapore. Jack Yeoh Huat Lip, 51, the …

It's time to......Sleep

Dah sahur?...............................DAH

Dah sembahyang subuh?...........DAH

Hari ni hari apa?...................AHAD

So apa lagi tunggu?

(Ini kes jeles tengok anak2 tidur lena dalam selimut masing2)

Ramadhan al Kareem

Ramadhan al Mubarak

Salam menyambut kedatangan bulan yang penuh mulia.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kepada semua rakan2 bloggers dan pengunjung yang budiman.

Semoga semua amalan kebaikan kita diterima oleh Allah Ta'ala. InshaAllah.

Compiled By Susan Nachawati for IslamiCity

The Sermon Given By The Prophet (s) On The Last Friday Of Sha'ban On The Reception Of The Month of Ramadan.

"O People ! Indeed ahead of you is the blessed month of Allah. A month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness. A month which with Allah is the best of months. Its days, the best of days, its nights, the best of nights, and its hours, the best of hours. It is the month which invites you to be the guests of Allah and invites you to be one of those near to Him. Each breath you take glorifies him; your sleep is worship, your deeds are accepted and your supplications are answered. So, ask Allah, your Lord; to give you a sound body and an enlightened heart so you may be able to fast and recite his book, for o…

Esok Belum Mula Puasa

My family and I were listening to the official announcement by Pemegang Mohor Besar Raja-Raja on the date to commence our fasting just now.

"Yes!" Kak Long was delighted when it was finally official that the first day of fasting in Malaysiawould only start on Thursday the 13th of September 2007.

I have been reminding my kids about the coming of Ramadhan and have been telling them that they must try to fast the full month of Ramadhan this year. Both Kak Long and Kak Ngah missed a couple of days when they fell ill. Abang Akmal managed to to fast for about twelve days I think. Not bad for a five year old then.

But the happiest person in my house when the news that the fasting would only start on Thursday and not tomorrow (Wednesday), was none other than Abang Akmal.

Why? Because tomorrow is his birthday. He was so glad that he could distribute the party packs to his classmates and STILL EAT them too.



I hate it when SOGO is having their pre-Sale event to their card holders. To make it worst, they always have it on Friday.

By 9.45AM this morning, the traffic surrounding my office area was already not moving. And the people lining up waiting for the shutters to open....oh my God!. You just could not believe it. Where do these people got money ha? And don't they have to work today? Crazy.

It was as if this is the one and only time SOGO conduct their sales event. When I know for a fact that there will be Sales at SOGO almost every other week.

Wau....Layang-Layang tak de tali

These are the results of 'hard works' of Akmal and Kak Ngah over the weekend.

This is the kite made by Akmal. Well I did most of them, but Akmal was the one who glued the coloured paper to the frames.

And this one was made by Kak Ngah. I didn't know how she got the idea of making the kite to look like a cat.I will try to upload Kak Long's later.

Merdeka,....Merdeka! .....Merdeka(?)

So how was your extended Merdeka weekend?

31 Merdeka Day August 2007

Kalau ada pertandingan sapa paling patriotik kat rumah Aku, tentu Akid akan menang hands down. Apa taknya, dikeheningan subuh pagi hari merdeka, Akid terjaga menjerit-jerit 'Mendeka....Mendeka' dengan mata masih tertutup rapat. Mengigau lah tu. Aku yang baru habis sembahyang Subuh pun sakit perut tergelakkan dia.

Pagi Hari Merdeka, Aku ajak anak2 tengok TV, cuba untuk memancing minat mereka melihat perbarisan, formation dan segala macam keraian kat Dataran Merdeka. Tapi diorang ni boleh tahan setakat setengah jam aje. Lepas tu Akmal dah sibuk tanya....bila boleh tukar channel? Sibuk nak tengok kartun lah tu.

Petangnya, Adik Ipar dari Melaka sampai satu family. Diorang baru turun dari Kota Keriangan - Genting. Sia-sia aje. Tak de parking, katanya. Dah puas pusing-pusing diorang turun je lah. Ajak diorang pergi swimming di club house tak jauh dari rumah. Anak-anak cukup seronok dapat main air dengan cousins diaoran…


The pictures say it all...........

Jem oh jem

It took me less than an hour (56 minutes to be exact) to drive from AyerKeroh toll to SungaiBesi toll this morning. But it took me almost one and a half hours to reach my office at Jalan TAR from SungaiBesi toll. To make it worst, the SMART tunnel was closed for the whole week. I hate being stuck in the middle of traffic jam. I could get bored easily. If I'm bored it made me feel sleepy and I would start to yawn endlessly. Dahletihmenguapdalamkeretatapitaksampai-sampailagi. It's amazing how some people could bear this every morning, day in day out Throughout one and a half hour ordeal this morning, there were no less than seven ambulances with blazing sirens weaving through the traffic; four heading south and three heading towards KL. There were at least five convoys of outriders rushing through the traffic with their VVIPs tailing behind them; three towards south and two heading to KL. While being stuck in the jam, I received two distressing SMSes. One from my colleague sayin…

Where could it have been?

I posted a new entry via email through my mobile phone this morning....but I haven't seen it uploaded here yet. Even after so may times hitting the refresh button.

I am not sure where the entry has landed or when it would eventually be uploaded.


Busy Sakan

I have been reminded by kind visitors PB, CikAdorable and others (ada lagi ke?) that update for this blog of mine is long overdue.

Yes, looooong overdue. Guilty as charged.

Still in my mind blogging mode.

And if only I could write a beautiful Syair like Kak Teh.


Kenapa Superman kita nampak dia tough sangat, kalau dia pakai baju pun, still nampak body dia berketul-ketul dengan six packs, biceps, perfect abs etc.?


Kenapa masa kita kecik-kecik dulu, kalau kita selalu tengok cerita Superman, tak kira lah kartun ke wayang ke, masa dia terbang tu - kita tengok tangan kanan dia aje ke depan dan tangan kiri dia maintain kat sisi tepi?

Kenapa sekarang, kalau kita tengok cerita Superman, kalau masa dia terbang - kita tengok dua-dua tangan dia dah straight ke depan? Tak de lagi tangan kiri dia kat sisi tepi?*****************Ohhh, did I tell you I have a new baby?

See, that's why I have been very the busy later.....

Cucur Udang, Cucur Badak

Apologies, have been in mind blogging mode lately.


Received this from a friend.
Sewaktu Pak Pandir menjalankan perniagaan menjual cucur udang, datanglah seorang pelanggan mencari juadah minum petang. Pelanggan itu pun memesan cucur udang RM3.00 untuk dibawa pulang. Apabila melihat cucur udang Pak Pandir, pelanggan itu pun merungut...

Pelanggan : Alahai Pak Pandir....Nama nye cucur udang..3 keping RM1.00 plak tu.. dah la mahal, tak nampak pun udang besar kat atas ni.

Pak Pandir : Ala encik. Kira ok la tu. Ada juga udang kecik-kecik dalam tu. Orang depan tu ha (menunjukkan peniaga di depan gerai Pak Pandir) jual cucur badak, tapi takda pun letak badak.. orang tak komplen pun.

Sixteen Years Ago

Received SMS from my eldest brother in the morning when I was in a meeting,

Salam....Ptg ni genap 16 tahun bonda pulang ke rahmatullah - AL FATIHAH...
Emmm, sedar tak sedar dah masuk 16 tahun arwah Ibu meninggalkan Aku. I mentioned about her demise in my earlier Mother's Day entry. Just brief. That's it.


I just thanked my brother for the kind reminder but the truth is, I never forget the date, the time, the circumstances and every thing that took place on that day, on that very moment. Where I was seated. I was holding her hand. Mum's head was on my eldest brother's lap. My late second brother was whispering at her right ear....Allahu Akbar....Allahu Akbar.....Allahu Akbar....slowly and continuously. Other siblings were all gathered around her.

Tears were streaming on everybody's cheeks, but we tried not to cry. No I didn't cry. Just like I didn't shed a single tear when Ayah died. We knew that her time has come. We knew that we have to let her …


Today is the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new milenium. When I came back from office last nite, abang akmal showed me his new remote control car. So this morning he woke up early and asked me to accompany him playing his new toy at the vacant space at the community hall next to my house. Kak chik got herself a new bag to show. Now that she has been going to school for the last 3 weeks, her Ibu finally bought her the bag as promised. *************Looking back, where were you in life on this date ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Thirty years ago?
070797 - I was just started my career as a 'loyer' after being called to the bar about two years before that. Just got married. No kids yet. 070787 - I was doing my matriculation course at a boarding school in Kelantan. It was hell but it was an important milestone of my life. At that time there was nothing else in my mind but to get good grades and get admission to do medicine at a local university. Now let me confess…

Father's Day - updated

I showed my earlier post on Father's Day to Kak Long few days' back. She suddenly realized that she was the only one who did not give me any card. I didn't really mind since Kak Long memang jenis sempoi, she doesn't really care even about her own birthday.

But not to be outdone by her younger siblings, she gave me this card.

Saaayang Kak Long!

Happy Father's Day

This is a backdated entry.

I was at the office last Friday night when I received a call from Kak Chik.

"Baba, bila Baba nak balik"
"Kenapa?, Baba tengah work lagi ni"
"Cepat lah balik, Kak Chik ada kad birthday Baba..."
"Birthday? Kan birthday Baba dah lepas"

"Shhhh.....bukan birthday lah, happy father's day!" I heard someone whispering to Kak Chik.

This is the card made by Kak Chik at her kindie.

This is the drawing of cable car by Kak Ngah. Both Kak Ngah and Abang Akmal drew cable car using water colour and gave to me as their thank you gestures for our recent holiday trip to Langkawi.

This is the creative works of Abang Akmal.

And this is another piece by Kak Ngah to me for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to my blogging father friends, Sifu Ayoh Keng, Bro Jiwa, Pak Adib, the Scribe dan ramai lagi. Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah sentiasa.

Al Fatihah dan Doa yang berpanjangan untuk Almarhum Ismail bin Ibrahim, my late father - the g…


GROUNDED.Yes. That's the sports headline of today's STAR on the national badminton doubles of Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong.After their illustrious win at All England followed by another win at Swiss Open my worst fear was that their sudden raise to fame and glamour would get into their heads. They had earlier won the Asiad doubles title in Doha. Well you could see their performance took a nose dive after that. They lost to our veteran pairs at the Malaysian Open followed by another uninspiring performance at Singapore Open.They redeemed themselves at the Indonesian Open. But they are no longer the same pairs. They seemed to have lost focus. They seemed to play to the gallery. They are going down the same path as Hafiz Hashim. Another promising 'star' that was truly wasted. I watched them played against denmark for fifth placing of Sudirman Cup last night. They won but there's nothing great about their performance. They won over an ageing pairs from Denmark. Oh c…

Will She Will She Not - Further Update

Only reached home almost midnight from KLIA last night and my Wife was very eager to share what happened in the morning of yesterday at Kak Chik's school.

Kak Chik was actually very excited to go to school. She was ready even before her Abang finished his breakfast. Since they left home a bit early, Wife made a detour to the nearby 7-11 . Kak Chik wanted to buy a lollipop. Once reached the kindie, my Wife stayed back for more than an hour before my Wife told Kak Chik that she had to leave to fetch Kak Long and Kak Ngah from their Sekolah Agama.

It was only after her Ibu left that Kak Chik started looking for her Ibu and had to be pacified by her class teacher. She was okay during the recess time. But most of the time, her class teacher was sitting close to her and giving her most attention compared to other students. No major breakdown.

Only after the class was dismissed Kak Chik started to sob silently when she could not see her Ibu waiting for her oustide the school compound. My Wi…

Will she will she not - update

I called home during the seminar lunch break at noon today and spoke to Kak Chik. She attended (or re-attended) her schooling at the nearby kindie today. She sounded very happy and cheerful over the phone. AlhamdulilLah.Anyway it's still too early to celebrate. May be I should wait for at least a week. Look's like I may have to reschedule my meeting to start only after ten onwards so that I have ample time to accompany her to school. Still at KT airport waiting to board my flight back to KL.

Will she or will she not

Will she or will she not go to kindie today. That's something that I am eagerly waiting to know this morning.I left home early this morning to catch a flight to Kuala Trengganu and have to give the drama this morning a miss. Kak Chik was still sleeping when I left.Up until last night Kak Chik was still evasive whenever the topic of her going back to school was brought up. Now it's 7.55 am at the boarding hall at KLIA. I could only pray and leave Kak Chik in the good hands of her Ibu.

Langkawi (Day 2)

7.31 a.m. Kids and their Ibu were still asleep. I just wished I could join hem under the comfort of their blankets. But I have no choice. Need to complete this working paper that I will be presenting at a law seminar organised by an IPTA in Kuala Terengganu on this coming 9th June. I woke up at about 4 a.m. this morning to work on the unfinished business and it remained unfinished as of now.Earlier I had sent my presentation in powerpoint format as I usually did for my other presentation but later I was asked to send my 'kertas kerja' in an essay format. Yes to make it worse, it has to be in Malay. Gosh writing a working paper on legal related issues is....difficult to say the least. So here am I, in Langkawi on holiday and still stuck with this unfinished business. Soon the kids would wake up start asking what we would do today and where we would we go today. I am very sure that they won't stay in their hotel room until I finished with my assignment.

Cuti Sekolah

So pegi mana cuti sekolah ni?We are now at KLIA. Just checked in for a short break to Langkawi. Left home at 7.30am. Took opportunity to drive through SMART tunnel. Best giler. Budak-budak suka sebab terowong tu panjang. Took some pictures while driving. Jangan tiru ok. Now waiting to board the flight. Will update later.

Sports Day Pictures

These were some of the pictures taken during my boy's Sports Day last Friday, 25th May 2007.

My boy, the pom-pom boy.

Hooray! My team won!


Monkey walk game. He has to carry the bean pack on his elbows and walk forward for about 25 metres and return and then pass the bean pack to the next kid.

Monkeying around

The Boy was tired and getting bored already.
Couldn't wait to get home to watch Power Rangers.

Happy Birthday, Kak Chik

Kak Chik is officially 4 years old today.

She waited impatiently for her auntie to come over since the latter promised her birthday cake and all the goodies.

Everybody tried to make her birthday as memorable as possible because Kak Chik had promised that she would go to kindergarten after her birthday.

She did go to the kindergarten early in the year but it lasted less than a week. Three days to be exact!. After that she gave all kinds of reasons and insisted for her Ibu to sit with her in her class. That's when we decided to pull her out. Later when everybody asked her when she would want to start schooling, she nonchalantly said she would attend schooling after her birthday.

So for the past few months we have been reminding her of her coming birthday, that she is now a big girl and we have been telling her of all the good things about schooling.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully she will not come up with new excuses when the school recommence in another two weeks.

Sports Day

There's a sense of pride when you stood upright and sang NEGARAKU together with your son on his Sports Day.

It's a joy to watch the kids having fun without a care of the world. Nothing to worry.......No deadlines to worry about.

Pictures later.

Selamat Hari IBU

Updated 23rd May 2007


Since people say that Mother's Day should not be confined to 13th May only but Mothers must be appreciated every day, 365 day a year instead. So I decided to let the post below shall remain, for the time being. :)


The truth is, as you may have already known, I am very very very busy.......and penat, letih, terduduk, terbaring kesibukan.

Original Post


My 'Selamat Hari IBU' wish goes to....

The beautiful Ibu of my five lovely kids
The Ibu of the beautiful Ibu to my five lovely kids
The blogging Ibu(s) whose blogs I frequent every day
(Kak Teh, Mak Andeh, AuntyN, K'Sya, AHNI, PB, Wan, AnggerikMerah, Ailin, Ibu, Helena.....ada lagi? nanti I tambah)

May Allah showers all His blessings unto all of you.

The pictures of the artworks done by my big boy, Akmal and his sister, Angah dedicated to their mother.

Akmal's blue and red works was done at his kiddie last Friday. He kept it in his room and only gave it to…

Pakcik Kayoooooooo

How do you feel if you unexpectedly found some crispy new notes in your drawer?

Oooh yeah, I was sifting through old cheque books (cheque butts?), pictures, receipts etc etc in my drawer in the office this afternoon when I saw a worn out white office envelope. Guess what inside the envelope?

Haha hah ha......Pak cik Kayo, yeay!.

There were 12 pieces of rm100 notes and seven pieces of rm5 notes. All notes are serially numbered. The rm5 notes are actually in green RHB hari raya packets!. Must have been the money I reserved for hari raya. But which year of hari raya? I just couldn't recall when and why I actually left the money there in the first place.

Well doesn't matter what. I am rm1,235 richer today.

Hah hah hah. Jangan marah ye, I'm singing hari raya tune now. La lala la la...

Tale of a Father

One afternoon, many many moons back.

We were just jalan-jalan at Ampang Point. My kids and I were at the kid's section, while my wife was at the ladies' section with Akid.

"Baba, boleh tak Angah nak beli baju?"

"Baju apa? Kan dah banyak baju baru?"

"Tak...., ni baju yang pakai kat dalam punya"

<***Blurr> "Yang pakai kat dalam punya? Yang macam mana?"

"Alaaa, yang ada tali tu" Angah was making her hand gestures. Looks like she was explaining a shirt with a strap over the shoulders.

"Yang macam mana? Baba tak tahu la" Oh no, I hope she would not ask for a spaghetti strap t-shirt. I would not allow that!

"Baju tu kita pakai kat dalam, lepas tu pakai la baju lain kat luar" Angah still trying hard to explain.

"Macam tu?" I was pointing to the big advert that showed some kids wearing chequered shirts with plain coloured t-shirts in the inside.

"Bukan....." Angah sounded a bit frustrated. "Dia…

Starting All Over Again

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Syukurillah.

Thank you Allah for giving me courage to make the commitment.

Thank you Allah for giving me time and strength to complete the task.

I will be starting all over again and I hope I could finish the Book by this coming Ramadhan.

Currently listening to...

At the moment, I am listening to the songs from the album someone by the name of Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus. Who? Aunur? Rofiq? Who?

Thanks to the great review by Bro. Jiwa, I was pleasantly surprised when I accidentally found the CD by OPICK - titled 'Istighfar'. I was browsing through the CD titles at SOGO one day and saw the latest collection by M Nasir. I was about to proceed to purchase M. Nasir's CD when I saw OPICK's album. Took quite a while to decide which one to buy. Decided M. Nasir could wait.

I think I made the right choice. The CD has been my companion while I am driving for the last 4 weeks. The songs are very soothing and at the same time, inspiring. The final track of the album, titled 'Tombo Ati' is my favourite. I even thought it was a Spanish song the first time I heard the song.

Another great song is the one that repeats the following verses,

Ya Rabbana Rabbana Rabbana
Ya Rabbana Dzolamna Anfusana
Wa Illam taghfirlana wa tarhamna
La naku nanna minal…

Mental Blogging

I have to apologize the very few kind visitors who may have hopped in and found no new updates. Sorry lah ya. It's not that I was totally out of the blogsphere.

I still blogged.....but only in my head. Just like the case when you are making mental notes of what you want to do, I was doing mental blogging almost every day since my last entry in early March.

Most of the time, I compose my entry while I was driving to office or when I was taking shower at home. Sometimes I managed to compose one or two paragraphs or may be just one or two sentences. The only difference was instead of typing and post the entries at blogger, I posted the 'entries' in my head. So when there were so many entries were left to accumulate in my head, it may have affected the running of the cpu in my head a bit. May be it got me carried away a bit. Being in the state of blogging but yet not blogging kind of feeling.

Until yesterday. Yes I was caught in the traffic jam so bad that I decided to blog via e…

Apasal Jem Ni?

How long did I take to reach office from my house this morning? Almost one and a half hours. From 8.20 to 9.50AM. The traffic was not moving immediately after the toll booths. Crazy.I thought the road closure would only start at 6.30PM this afternoon. Skipped breakfast at home as I thought I could reach office early enough for a quick bite somewhere nearby office. Bad choice.Luckily there was a small makan-makan at the Banking Department because today is the last day for one of my lawyers who is leaving after more than 3 years with the Firm. Lucky? Emmm, may be need to rephrase that. I'm left with only one lawyer for that department and that one is also going in another month or so – for maternity. Have no choice but to redistribute works and take some of the files. Adussh, more work!

All England 2007

The Malaysian young pair of Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong created the history - again!. The doubles earlier surprised everybody when they won the gold medal at the Asia Games in Doha in 2006. In January 2007, they won the Malaysian Open.

This time they just won the coveted doubles title at the All England Championship. Finally, Malaysian doubles won again after a long draught of 25 years. Yes, I screamed with delight together with my kids when the shuttlecock went off the sideline for the match point.

At last we have a formidable pair that we could be proud of.

Congrats to Kien Keat and Boon Heong. I am proud of your achievements.

Kak Teh, were you there?

Oooops! I did it again....!

Yess, I did it again. **smack on the forehead**

I have tight schedules today so this morning I after the normal salam, kiss kiss and love you(s) with the kids and wife, I rushed out of the house to beat the traffic. Didn't even have time to eat anything on the breakfast table.

Need to rush to the office, get some documents printed then rush to meetings. One at 9.00 and another at 10.00 in the morning. Another two meetings scheduled after the Friday prayer. Nothing else was in my head. Very focussed with the plannings in my head. Print the documents, rush to the first meeting, fifteen minutes before 10.00 a.m. I would ask to be excused, then to rush for the second meeting which would probably last until 12.30 at noon, get a quick bite then rush for prayer. After that, to rush for the third meeting and finally back to the office for the last meeting.

Then while I was about to leave office for the first meeting, this SMS came in,

Happy 10th A'vsary. Luv u so much. [8.52 AM]
Alamaak, l…

Happy Birthday Kak Long

Today, 25th February nine years ago, my first little girl was born.

I will never forget that day. The day I declared to the whole world that I am now a proud father of a beautiful little girl. The day I cried silently when I put you in my arms and I recited the azan to your right ear and iqamah to your left ear, right there in the labour room. And your Ibu, smiled proudly in between her sobs.

And the scar on your Ibu's tummy is the testimony of the drama that took place in the critical hours prior to your birth.


Kak Long anak yang istimewa. Dia sorang aje anak Baba yang keluar ikut tingkap; yang lain ikut pintu biasa.


[Bersambung.....][Updated 28th February 2007]

Nobody expected Kak Long would arrive on that day. Afterall two days before that Ibu was warded overnight at Ampang Putri for observation after she complained of contraction. But nothing happened. Ibu was dilated for about 2-3 cm and then contractions suddenly ceased. So when Ibu complained another round of con…

Stress Stressful Stressed and Stressed Out

Stress, Stressful, Stressed and Stressed Out (dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya).

I think that pretty well summed up the current state of my mind.

It's all about work, work, work and WORK.

Since the internal rationalisation, my workload and my responsibilities have increased three-folds. And the pressure at work is tremendous. Even my wife said that I looked stressed every time I come back home. Well, who wouldn't?

But don't ask me to quit and find other job. I don't think I am goood at doing anything else. I still like this 'lawyering' works - despite all the occupational hazards it may have.I still like the challenge of exploring new boundaries, doing something that may not have been done before etc. etc.

So I am looking forward to this coming short CNY break. I really need it.

Happy New Year to any of my kind visitors who celebrate the new lunar year. For those who will hit the road, please take extra care.

InshaAllah I will be in Port Dickson with the family and …

A Surprise That Never Was

I came back to office from a meeting at about 8.00 p.m. on Wednesday the last day of January and was greeted with this message in my mailbox:

En. S,

Happy birthday. Kita orang ingat nak surprise En S dengan birthday cake hari ni, tapi dah pukul 6 lebih En S tak balik2 lagi dari meeting. Kita orang tak leh tunggu.

Happy Birthday. Jangan lupa bawak balik kek kat dalam bilik En. F.

I felt sorry to the staffs of my department who took all the troubles to plan for the surprise. But it was really, really pack and hectic day that day - and the next two days thereafter.

I was one year older on 31st January (Wednesday), next day (1st February) went to Batu Pahat and spent the whole day in Senggarang distributing donations to flood victims only to reach home at almost midnight. Later at about 1.40 a.m. (Friday, 2nd February) I got a call from kampung that my 2nd eldest brother finally lost his battle with the big C. Immediately woke up the kids and drove back to Kelantan.

It was a very physically an…

Another resolution?!!

What! Another resolution? You may ask. I have been struggling (or failed miserably - depending on how you look at it) with my new year resolution and now want to have another one?

Well, why not?

Depending on which school of thought you belonged to or believed in, from what I'd read in one of those articles on this resolution thingie, it is advisable to have more than one resolutions. So that at the very least you could achieve one of those that you have resolved. And be proud of yourself. If you only have one, once you could not achieve it, then you failed big time. And be a loser for the rest of your life.

The experts were also divided on the question whether it is better to resolve quietly and keep it to yourself or to go around and tell every other person that you know or in this case, tell the whole wide world about it.

The former gives you the advantage of nobody knows whether or not you have keep up with your resolutions. Well, no brainer. Nobody knew whether you have any resolu…