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Live From Cairo

I am currently at Cairo airport waiting for my flight to KLIA which is scheduled to depart at 3.50AM Egypt time. It is currently about 2.30AM in Cairo or 8.30AM in Kuala Lumpur. My phone has been barred as I have been using a lot of roaming and data transfer services. I got the SMS from M*xis on Saturday that my bill has exceeded RM2k and I was asked to pay up in order to avoid disruption. So I asked my assistant to pay at any M*xis centre which he did. He confirmed that he had paid RM2k on my behalf. But then M*xis still barred me. Now could not even SMS to my wife to inform her about my tentative arrival time. Susah la ini macam....

Amazing Ride II

Remember my Amazing Ride last year?If not for my working trip here in Cairo, I would have been riding with my cycling buddies from Kota Bharu to Kuantan starting from today
Since the last ride that we did on 080808 from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu, we have agreed that we should attempt to cycle the whole country; by stages of course.So today was supposed to be the start of our Amazing Ride II. In this second instalment, we were to cycle from KB to Kuantan. The plan was to fly to KB on Wednesday night (25th March) and started our journey early this morning to Setiu via Pasir Puteh. At about noon Malaysian time (about 6.00AM in Cairo), I got an SMS from the guys that they have reached Besut after having cycled for about 58 kilometres.Ahhh, frust betul. I missed the chance to be with the rest of the Gedebe(s). I pray for their safe journey and that they would have fun. They were expected to reach Kuantan by Saturday afternoon and be back in KL on Sunday (29th March).Good Luck guys. Read th…

Penangan U & I

Dialog Akid dengan IbunyaAkid: Ibu, apa nama Baba?Ibu: Mohd S******* Bin IsmailAkid: Ha?.....Mail yang noty (naughty) dalam citer Upin dan Ipin tu?Ibu: *pecah perut nak tahan gelak*


UpdatesI know I have not been updating my blog as frequent as I wish. Same old reasons...sibuk, busy, tersangat la busy bla bla bla...But that does not stop me from checking out my own blog. I still have the urge to click on my blog after having visited some of my favourite blogs in my bookmarks tab. Not sure whether it's funny or crazy or some kind of addiction or blog withdrawal syndrome or something....New PassportFinally I managed to squeeze my time and went to Immigration office to renew my passport. My passport died, I mean expired since June 2007.Ini pun terpaksa. Work commitments requires me to travel. The last time that I went out of the country was during the month of Ramadhan, in year 2005 - when I went to Saudi to do my umrah. And in order to ensure that I will not be stopped by the immigration at the exit gate, I have to part with a sum of more than RM29,000.00 to pay my outstanding income tax to the Government. See.....I am a law abiding citizen. Never fail to pay my…

Miss you too

Kak Chik came to me when I was reading weekend's newspapers yesterday afternoon."Daddy, can you take me to school?""Ok, I will send you to school tomorrow.""Daddy, can you take me after I finished my school?"" go and bring me my hand phone; let me check if I have meeting, I cannot take you. If I don't have meeting, then I can take you"Obligingly, my little girl went to take my hand phone on the table and handed over to me. I glanced through my schedules; no meeting tomorrow but I know I am gonna have a very tight day tomorrow to wrap up one urgent assignment.But again, I didn't want to disappoint my little girl. She's still waiting patiently for my answer."Okay....., I will send you to school tomorrow. In the afternoon, I will call your mummy first. If I can take you, I will take you; If I cannot take you, mummy will take you. OK?""OK, thank you Daddy." Short and sweet."Come, give me a hug.&quo…