Amazing Ride II

Remember my Amazing Ride last year?

If not for my working trip here in Cairo, I would have been riding with my cycling buddies from Kota Bharu to Kuantan starting from today

Since the last ride that we did on 080808 from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu, we have agreed that we should attempt to cycle the whole country; by stages of course.

So today was supposed to be the start of our Amazing Ride II. In this second instalment, we were to cycle from KB to Kuantan.

The plan was to fly to KB on Wednesday night (25th March) and started our journey early this morning to Setiu via Pasir Puteh. At about noon Malaysian time (about 6.00AM in Cairo), I got an SMS from the guys that they have reached Besut after having cycled for about 58 kilometres.

Ahhh, frust betul.

I missed the chance to be with the rest of the Gedebe(s). I pray for their safe journey and that they would have fun. They were expected to reach Kuantan by Saturday afternoon and be back in KL on Sunday (29th March).

Good Luck guys.

Read the previous entry on my 08080808 Amazing Ride.


IBU said…
In Cairo? Wink at the Sphynx for me ya?

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