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I'm officially 39 today.

Ingatkan nak surprise my Wife nak cuti duduk rumah aje hari ni. Hantar-ambik anak kat sekolah; and spend the rest of the day bermanja2an di rumah.

I had it all planned out to take leave today and complete whatever works that I need to do in the office, arrange my meetings accordingly etc. etc. so that I could take one day off.

Tiba2 pagi semalam dapat e-mail from client kata ada meeting kat MOF pagi ni. Adusss, and unfortunately, for this particular meeting I do not have the choice but to attend. We have sent the documents to the relevant persons at MOF for their perusal since third week of December 2007; finally agreed to meet us to discuss on the documents.

And they chose to have the meeting TODAY. Habis....all my planning gone to the drain. :(

Off to the meeting now. Nanti lambat pulak. Kalau rajin nanti I sambung posting after the meeting.

Another Problem(?)

Just came back from visiting my doctor.

My doctor had asked me to do blood test two weeks ago and this morning I was sitting in front him when he explained to me the results.

Blood Pressure: OK
White Blood Cell count: OK
Cancer Test: OK (negative)
Sugar Level: OK
Other things/indicators that my doctor looked for and checked were OK.
But..........Cholesterol: not so OK. The reading was at 6.0 and I have been asked to exercise more before he start giving me prescription or refer me to a cardiologist.

Exercise? Come on lah. I play futsal every Friday night, swimming every Saturday and Sunday evenings and more recently, I started mountain biking every Sunday morning. That would be sufficient I suppose.

Emmm, may be I need to reduce my trip to that nasi padang restaurant. Kurangkan makanan berlemak. Easier said than done - eating healthily is more difficult than exercising........

Weighty Problem

I'm losing weight!!!.

To some of us, that may be good news. But not for me. I think I am getting skinnier by the day.

I have also become immune with my friends' remarks that I look so thin and they started asking me to eat more. Many times and every time I met my old friends or others whom I may have not met for sometime.

For my age and height, I'm at the lowest end of the recommended BMI level. Bordering 'underweight' category.

Eat more?

Kerja? Cuti?

How nice....

Kerja 2 hari, cuti satu hari.
Kerja 2 hari, cuti pulak dua hari.

Best kan?

Merempit on Sunday

A 'merempit' session on Sunday morning left me with sore b**ts and cranking knees.

Pardon my language, but yesterday was the first timeI'remp-it' my baby up to the hills of Melawati. I tell you, no pain no gain and I didn't regret it.


Kenapa masih ada orang yang tak berhati perut seperti ini?

From Harian Metro, 19 Januari 2008:
Penyamar dibelasahPETALING JAYA: Kehadiran dua lelaki misteri menyamar polis di rumah keluarga kanak-kanak hilang, Sharlinie Mohd Nashar, 5, di Taman Medan di sini, malam tadi mengundang padah apabila seorang daripada mereka dibelasah penduduk.
Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 9.45 malam itu, kedua-dua lelaki terbabit dikatakan menyamar sebagai pegawai polis dari Bukit Aman. Difahamkan, kedua-dua lelaki itu mengaku mereka bukan polis dan berbuat demikian sekadar suka-suka sambil memohon maaf.

Kedua-dua lelaki berusia 20-an itu datang ke rumah bapa Sharlinie, Mohd Nashar Mat Husin, 32, dengan menaiki sebuah motosikal. Mereka memperkenalkan diri sebagai pegawai polis dari Bukit Aman.Katanya, suspek meminta gambar Sharlinie yang lebih besar dan jelas selain diberitahu pernah melihat kanak-kanak itu sebelum ini. Hariana Metro difahamkan, tidak lama kemudian kedua-dua suspek beredar dari rumah itu.


GE 2008

The General Election date has been fixed to be held on 17 March 2008.

I was sharing a table with someone at my favourite Padang Restaurant not far from my office. The place was packed with lunch hour crowd and I saw this gentleman wearing full suit and having something that looked like mee-soup alone.

He was talking on the phone when I gestured whether I could share his table. In fact he was on the phone almost all the while when he was sitting there. Must be a busy man. So I just mind my own business having lunch with my colleague.

It was towards the end of his meal he managed to put his phone down and greeted my colleague and I now sitting across the table. He introduced himself as someone who is attached to PM's department; and said now that the election would be coming very soon, he got calls from politicians all over the country asking for allocations for projects in their respective constituencies to be approved before the election.

That was when he popped out the date. He said…

Another Child is Missing

Crime index is rising and another child is missing.

This is what BERNAMA reported on 8 January 2008 quoting what PM had said:

Commenting on the crime index, Abdullah said the police must give an explanation to the public in the best manner possible to ensure that it did not affect the inflow of foreign capital. He clarified that the crime index in the country was said to have increased as the police had added five new categories to the existing 14 categories.

"The five new categories are criminal intimidation, defamation, blackmail, causing injury and rioting," he said. He said the addition of the five categories was based on the increase in police reports on the matter.

Abdullah said if the crime index were to remain at the existing 14 categories, it would show a decline.

And this is what the STAR reported on 10 January 2008:
More crimes last year, but fewer violent onesBY LOURDES CHARLES KUALA LUMPUR: The crime index increased by 7% last year but the number of violent crimes, es…

New Post for Year 1429H

I spent the whole morning today reading all my earlier postings in Year 2007 as well as Year 2006. I have to admit that I enjoyed re-reading the entries as much as I enjoyed the comments from my blogger/cyber friends. It was just like we were having lively cyber banters.

I enjoyed them so much that I feel inspired to continue blogging! Lagipun free kan?

In retrospect, Year 2007 has been a good year. I'm not sure whether a 'good year', 'bad year' or 'an excellent year' is an appropriate way to describe how life has been in the past one year. And to say, 'it's just another year' may sound a bit arrogant and ungrateful to the ONE up there.

So may be if you ask me, how's year 2007? The best answer that I could offer is, ALHAMDULILLAH.....I am thankful to Allah for all the nikmat and blessings that He bestowed upon me, my family and people that I cared. AlhamdulilLah. Forgive me Lord if I failed to thank you enough.

I am also glad that I managed to k…

New Post for Year 2008

Dah pun masuk hari ke lapan di tahun yang baru.

Anggap lah ini entry pertama tahun baru walaupun hanya sekadar melepas batuk di tangga. :)

Sebenarnya cuba menangguh entry sehingga awal Muharram; kononnya ingin berblog sempena kalendar baru hijriyyah. Tapi itu sebenarnya tak lebih dari alasan semata-mata untuk menyedapkan hati yang masih ingin bermalas-malasan.

Procrastination. Itulah sebab sebenarnya.

Kalau nak kata sibuk, orang lain pun sibuk jugak; tapi masih boleh terus berblog,ada orangmasih boleh habiskan berpuluh2 buku dan menulis ulasannya sekali.

So there you have it, my confession - that I am getting lazier (to update this blog) by the day. It (the confession) may not be as shocking as this one, but nevertheless, the first thing to rectify any problem is to admit that there is a problem.

So, have a good day folks.

PS: CikAhni: mengikut rekod, saya telah membuat lebih banyak entry dalam tahun 2007 berbanding tahun 2006. Walaupun lebihnya sedikit sahaja, (55 v 53) tetapi secara ilm…