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Father's Day - updated

I showed my earlier post on Father's Day to Kak Long few days' back. She suddenly realized that she was the only one who did not give me any card. I didn't really mind since Kak Long memang jenis sempoi, she doesn't really care even about her own birthday.

But not to be outdone by her younger siblings, she gave me this card.

Saaayang Kak Long!

Happy Father's Day

This is a backdated entry.

I was at the office last Friday night when I received a call from Kak Chik.

"Baba, bila Baba nak balik"
"Kenapa?, Baba tengah work lagi ni"
"Cepat lah balik, Kak Chik ada kad birthday Baba..."
"Birthday? Kan birthday Baba dah lepas"

"Shhhh.....bukan birthday lah, happy father's day!" I heard someone whispering to Kak Chik.

This is the card made by Kak Chik at her kindie.

This is the drawing of cable car by Kak Ngah. Both Kak Ngah and Abang Akmal drew cable car using water colour and gave to me as their thank you gestures for our recent holiday trip to Langkawi.

This is the creative works of Abang Akmal.

And this is another piece by Kak Ngah to me for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to my blogging father friends, Sifu Ayoh Keng, Bro Jiwa, Pak Adib, the Scribe dan ramai lagi. Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah sentiasa.

Al Fatihah dan Doa yang berpanjangan untuk Almarhum Ismail bin Ibrahim, my late father - the g…


GROUNDED.Yes. That's the sports headline of today's STAR on the national badminton doubles of Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong.After their illustrious win at All England followed by another win at Swiss Open my worst fear was that their sudden raise to fame and glamour would get into their heads. They had earlier won the Asiad doubles title in Doha. Well you could see their performance took a nose dive after that. They lost to our veteran pairs at the Malaysian Open followed by another uninspiring performance at Singapore Open.They redeemed themselves at the Indonesian Open. But they are no longer the same pairs. They seemed to have lost focus. They seemed to play to the gallery. They are going down the same path as Hafiz Hashim. Another promising 'star' that was truly wasted. I watched them played against denmark for fifth placing of Sudirman Cup last night. They won but there's nothing great about their performance. They won over an ageing pairs from Denmark. Oh c…

Will She Will She Not - Further Update

Only reached home almost midnight from KLIA last night and my Wife was very eager to share what happened in the morning of yesterday at Kak Chik's school.

Kak Chik was actually very excited to go to school. She was ready even before her Abang finished his breakfast. Since they left home a bit early, Wife made a detour to the nearby 7-11 . Kak Chik wanted to buy a lollipop. Once reached the kindie, my Wife stayed back for more than an hour before my Wife told Kak Chik that she had to leave to fetch Kak Long and Kak Ngah from their Sekolah Agama.

It was only after her Ibu left that Kak Chik started looking for her Ibu and had to be pacified by her class teacher. She was okay during the recess time. But most of the time, her class teacher was sitting close to her and giving her most attention compared to other students. No major breakdown.

Only after the class was dismissed Kak Chik started to sob silently when she could not see her Ibu waiting for her oustide the school compound. My Wi…

Will she will she not - update

I called home during the seminar lunch break at noon today and spoke to Kak Chik. She attended (or re-attended) her schooling at the nearby kindie today. She sounded very happy and cheerful over the phone. AlhamdulilLah.Anyway it's still too early to celebrate. May be I should wait for at least a week. Look's like I may have to reschedule my meeting to start only after ten onwards so that I have ample time to accompany her to school. Still at KT airport waiting to board my flight back to KL.

Will she or will she not

Will she or will she not go to kindie today. That's something that I am eagerly waiting to know this morning.I left home early this morning to catch a flight to Kuala Trengganu and have to give the drama this morning a miss. Kak Chik was still sleeping when I left.Up until last night Kak Chik was still evasive whenever the topic of her going back to school was brought up. Now it's 7.55 am at the boarding hall at KLIA. I could only pray and leave Kak Chik in the good hands of her Ibu.

Langkawi (Day 2)

7.31 a.m. Kids and their Ibu were still asleep. I just wished I could join hem under the comfort of their blankets. But I have no choice. Need to complete this working paper that I will be presenting at a law seminar organised by an IPTA in Kuala Terengganu on this coming 9th June. I woke up at about 4 a.m. this morning to work on the unfinished business and it remained unfinished as of now.Earlier I had sent my presentation in powerpoint format as I usually did for my other presentation but later I was asked to send my 'kertas kerja' in an essay format. Yes to make it worse, it has to be in Malay. Gosh writing a working paper on legal related issues is....difficult to say the least. So here am I, in Langkawi on holiday and still stuck with this unfinished business. Soon the kids would wake up start asking what we would do today and where we would we go today. I am very sure that they won't stay in their hotel room until I finished with my assignment.

Cuti Sekolah

So pegi mana cuti sekolah ni?We are now at KLIA. Just checked in for a short break to Langkawi. Left home at 7.30am. Took opportunity to drive through SMART tunnel. Best giler. Budak-budak suka sebab terowong tu panjang. Took some pictures while driving. Jangan tiru ok. Now waiting to board the flight. Will update later.