Yes. That's the sports headline of today's STAR on the national badminton doubles of Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong.

After their illustrious win at All England followed by another win at Swiss Open my worst fear was that their sudden raise to fame and glamour would get into their heads. They had earlier won the Asiad doubles title in Doha.

Well you could see their performance took a nose dive after that. They lost to our veteran pairs at the Malaysian Open followed by another uninspiring performance at Singapore Open.

They redeemed themselves at the Indonesian Open. But they are no longer the same pairs. They seemed to have lost focus. They seemed to play to the gallery. They are going down the same path as Hafiz Hashim. Another promising 'star' that was truly wasted.

I watched them played against denmark for fifth placing of Sudirman Cup last night. They won but there's nothing great about their performance. They won over an ageing pairs from Denmark. Oh come on, Martin Lundgaard - Jens Eriksen have started their careers about same time as Morten Frost. It was their loss to the English pairs that gave 3-2 win to England and hence the fifth placing ties with Denmark.

Furious Rexy was quoted to have said, "they played like they do not have brains and I think it's better for them to stay home....Kien Keat also likes to show off a lot and this is not good".

Enuff said.


UglyButAdorable said…
gave up since juara kampung...sigh..
CikAdorable: itu lah masalah orang kita, cepat sangat lupa diri.
Helena said…
U suka badminton eh?

Still remember the glory of the old days. Masa Misbun, Raziff and Jailani.... Masa tu mmg Helena follow betul this sport.

Sayang pulak dgn Hafiz. What happened to him?
bunga rampai said…
Apa yang saya fikirkan tentang mereka kini menjadi kenyataan. Sangat-sangar mengecewakan. Inilah yang sering berlaku terutama dalam sukan badminton - naiknya mendadak dan turunnya menggelonsor.

Saya kira orang Malaysia mudah lupa..

Saya lupa singgah sini semalam... Selamat Hari Bapa buat OSH. Teruskan usaha menjadi bapa yang berhemah, sekali gus menjadi pemimpin keluarga yang berkarisma.
Banyak dapat hadiah daripada anak-anak?. Hugs and kisses pasti banyakkan? :)
Helena: yes I do follow badminton since Misbun's days. Sayang sebab this pairs are very promising to break the dominance of China and Indonesia.

CikRampai: memang mengecewakan,...memang sangat mengecewakan.

Thanks. Kena buat satu backdated entry untuk hari bapa.

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