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Football mad nation

*Theme song: Ooo ooo oooo oooO Football mad nation*

So the football madness has almost claimed its first victim. Today and......Yesterday.

For two consecutive days, my wife and I failed to hear the alarm clock that would normally rang at about ten minutes to 6 in the morning. So for two straight days I had to jump off the bed and scrambled to washroom and took quick shower so that I would not be late for Fajr prayer and get ready to work..

To make the matter worst, yesterday Kak Ngah decided to 'buat hal'. She just refused to get up and get ready for school for no apparent reason. Tension betul. Puas pujuk tak nak bangun, dah angkat pun siap jatuh tidur balik!!. Kak Ngah berkeras tak nak gi sekolah.

Well and fine. I told her that I was not going to wait for her as I have to go to office early to make sure that some documents for one signing ceremony were in order. Told Kak Ngah that she better be really sick and be able to get 'Surat Doktor' if her Ibu were to bring her to…

Last Words

Sorry Guys, you kind visitors.

May have to stop blogging for a while. Not sure for how long or whether it will be for good. There are many other things to do besides blogging.

Sebenarnya, keadaan tidak mengizinkan..........susah nak cakap kenapa.

Tapi mungkin ada yang dah tahu...........atau ada yang teman2 dah boleh agak...........



Today is 06-06-06! Wau!

I didn't realise it until the Chairman of the new AFFIN Islamic Bank mentioned it during his welcoming speech on the occasion of the official launch of AFFIN Islamic Bank this morning.

And of all the official launching of new Islamic bank subsidiaries that I have attended so far, the souvenir from AFFIN Islamic is the most practical and the best. Whilst other Islamic banks gave key chains or pens and other boring stuffs, AFFIN Islamic gave a small pendant thumbdrive of 128MB.

Class gitu.