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StanChart KL Marathon 2010

AlhamdulilLah....., I managed to complete the race - even though I felt like crawling to the finishing line.

The Finisher's medal.

My personal hand time was 3hrs and 02 mins. I tried all my might to clock within the qualifying time of 3hrs but I just couldn't.

The last one km starting from the turn near Medan Tuanku to Dataran Merdeka seemed like one and a half mile.

But nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised with my own timing. My earlier target was to finish the race in 4 hours. I was surprised that I managed to run non-stop and kept a consistent pace for the first one and a half hour.

I didn't stop for a drink at the first water station at 4km mark. Since I carried my own mineral water, I just drank from my bottle. I also didn't stop at the second water station at 6.5km mark. It turned out to be a good decision as I kept on running until the third water station at 8.5km mark. By this time i have emptied my mineral water. I ran to the furthest table and asked the volunt…

Tomorrow is the DAY!

Let's see what's gonna happen tomorrow. When I registered myself to participate in this year's KL Marathon 2010, it was approximately 100 days to go.

But how fast time flies! I got caught up with terrible work deadlines thereafter with so many things on my table. I did manage to cycle for couple of times as part of the training; but that's all that I could get.

I was contemplating to withdraw myself from the event but what the heck, I thought might as well I just proceed. Who cares about the qualifying time and what not.

This would be my first time participating in a half marathon event. It's going to be a race between me and myself. So what ever time I clock tomorrow would still be my personal best!

Wish me luck. Thank you.

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Akid cuti

"Akid,....bangun dik, orang semua dah bangun tengok ayam."

"Akid tak nak tengok ayam,....ayam bising!"

Ha ha ha....anak Baba kepenatan. Seharian semalam bermain dengan sepupu-sepupunya. Dah hampir jam 8 pagi pun masih liat nak bangun.

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