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Bibik-less in.....Blogger-Land*

SMS from wife, Jul 30, 2010 @ 10:13AM -

"Bang,yah sd she's getin married nxt sun"

I was stunned for a few seconds. Hujan tak de ribut tak de, tiba2 maid aku nk kahwin hari Ahad ni,...lusa tu!

Called my wife to get confirmation. Apparently, the scatchy details that were relayed to her by my maid were - the maid's uncle who is staying in keramat has accepted 'pinangan' from someone on her behalf. And she was just being told about it last night. No wonder there flurry on incoming calls to my maid's handphone, sampai nak goreng telur pun telefon terlekap kat telinga!

And apparently too, my maid's parents back in Surabaya was not told about the uncle's decision.

So how? I asked my wife.

The maid informed my wife that she has no choice but to follow the decision. She's currently sorting out the matter with her parents in Surabaya.

This was truly a shock for us.

I knew about my maid's plan to take leave about a month towards the end of the year. She had …

Big Family Breakfast

Picture of my kids enjoying their breakfasts this morning.

We parked our car at Setiawangsa lrt station and took putra lrt ride to Dang Wangi station. Then crossed the river behind the station to the famous nasi lemak Dang Wangi. The nasi lemak there has been my regular place to fix my nasi lemak cravings. How good? Look at the people lining up behind our table!.

Eventhough to drive to the place might be more convenient, I decided to add more fun in the journey. The kids loved the lrt ride. It was convenient and comfortable. May be because it was still early in the saturday morning.


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