Bibik-less in.....Blogger-Land*

SMS from wife, Jul 30, 2010 @ 10:13AM -

"Bang,yah sd she's getin married nxt sun"

I was stunned for a few seconds. Hujan tak de ribut tak de, tiba2 maid aku nk kahwin hari Ahad ni,...lusa tu!

Called my wife to get confirmation. Apparently, the scatchy details that were relayed to her by my maid were - the maid's uncle who is staying in keramat has accepted 'pinangan' from someone on her behalf. And she was just being told about it last night. No wonder there flurry on incoming calls to my maid's handphone, sampai nak goreng telur pun telefon terlekap kat telinga!

And apparently too, my maid's parents back in Surabaya was not told about the uncle's decision.

So how? I asked my wife.

The maid informed my wife that she has no choice but to follow the decision. She's currently sorting out the matter with her parents in Surabaya.

This was truly a shock for us.

I knew about my maid's plan to take leave about a month towards the end of the year. She had told my wife that her parents already has a candidate for her. She said that if the marriage go through, then she might not be coming back.

So we were a bit prepared of the eventuality of not having a live in maid, next year....but not so soon!

Looks like I have to cancel my weekly futsal tonite. Crisis management with my mem is more important.

P/s: *tajuk entry telah ditambah/ubah - lepas komen dari MA.


MA said…
Welcome to the club.

We may have to form a support group for those Bibik-less in Blogger-land.

p/s you better check betul2 dgn yr maid - kang tak pasal2 kena jual pulak.
MA: pagi tadi dah hantar the maid ke rumah pakcik dia. Dia cakap masih nak sambung kerja - tapi itu cakap orang belum kahwin la...dah kahwin nanto laki suruh kerja lain, kira hangus la.
Justiffa said…
I've been bibikless for years. my problem stems from the fact that my mom (who's staying with us) can never seem to get along with any of the maids. so.. havoc macamane pun terpaksa la tanggung sendiri.

Now with the children all grown, it doesnt really matter anymore :)

Bibikless - mmg a BIG headache.. good luck in getting a dependable pengganti.
Akak RK: loongg waaay to go for me. This maid has been with us for the last 7 years - with no major problem.

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