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The pictures say it all...........

Jem oh jem

It took me less than an hour (56 minutes to be exact) to drive from AyerKeroh toll to SungaiBesi toll this morning. But it took me almost one and a half hours to reach my office at Jalan TAR from SungaiBesi toll. To make it worst, the SMART tunnel was closed for the whole week. I hate being stuck in the middle of traffic jam. I could get bored easily. If I'm bored it made me feel sleepy and I would start to yawn endlessly. Dahletihmenguapdalamkeretatapitaksampai-sampailagi. It's amazing how some people could bear this every morning, day in day out Throughout one and a half hour ordeal this morning, there were no less than seven ambulances with blazing sirens weaving through the traffic; four heading south and three heading towards KL. There were at least five convoys of outriders rushing through the traffic with their VVIPs tailing behind them; three towards south and two heading to KL. While being stuck in the jam, I received two distressing SMSes. One from my colleague sayin…

Where could it have been?

I posted a new entry via email through my mobile phone this morning....but I haven't seen it uploaded here yet. Even after so may times hitting the refresh button.

I am not sure where the entry has landed or when it would eventually be uploaded.


Busy Sakan

I have been reminded by kind visitors PB, CikAdorable and others (ada lagi ke?) that update for this blog of mine is long overdue.

Yes, looooong overdue. Guilty as charged.

Still in my mind blogging mode.

And if only I could write a beautiful Syair like Kak Teh.


Kenapa Superman kita nampak dia tough sangat, kalau dia pakai baju pun, still nampak body dia berketul-ketul dengan six packs, biceps, perfect abs etc.?


Kenapa masa kita kecik-kecik dulu, kalau kita selalu tengok cerita Superman, tak kira lah kartun ke wayang ke, masa dia terbang tu - kita tengok tangan kanan dia aje ke depan dan tangan kiri dia maintain kat sisi tepi?

Kenapa sekarang, kalau kita tengok cerita Superman, kalau masa dia terbang - kita tengok dua-dua tangan dia dah straight ke depan? Tak de lagi tangan kiri dia kat sisi tepi?*****************Ohhh, did I tell you I have a new baby?

See, that's why I have been very the busy later.....