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Happy New Year 2010

Salam tahun baru 2010.

Semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik; rezeki yang melimpah ruah & keberkatan yang berpanjangan.

Good luck for all your new year resolutions!

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Soalan: "Adakah anda sudah berkahwin dengan Dato' B?"

Jawapan: "Saya tak boleh bagi pengesahan"

Soalan: "Tapi Dato' B dalam interview yg lain sudah confirm dia dah kahwin dengan you?"

Jawapan: "Oh, ... Kalau Dato' dah cakap ya, maka iyalah."

Apa punya lawak (bangang) daa.....

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Race Day Update

The finisher medal. The reward for the fun this morning.I left home about 10 minutes after 5.00AM. Just blew kisses to my wife before I left because I was ready with my ablution and had all planned that the first thing to do once I reach Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Contry Club was to find a prayer room. Reached the public parking space near the Securities Commission at about 5.30AM. There were already many cars and I could see the early birds were walking towards the club.After asking for a direction at the secretariat, I went straight to the club house where the surau is located. The guard manning the club house just woke up from his 'jaga' duties. Ha hah ha...were they paying him to sleep or to do 'jaga' works?Still plenty of time before the starting time at 7.00AM. This time I knew that I need to have a proper warm up. I realised that I would be losing precious time if I were to warm up on the run. We were given pink ribbons before the start and at exactly 7.00AM, t…

The Race Day

Yes....thank God I managed to complete the race within the qualifying time.

Based on personal hand timing, I clocked 1hr 24 mins and 52 seconds. The qualifying time for the 12KM event is 1hr 35 minutes.


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Ready to Run?

Yes, are you ready to run? What: Malakoff 12KM, Kuala Lumpur 2009When: Tomorow (20th December, 2009)Where: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Club
So this is it. It's going to be my last running event for this year. I never thought I would ever enjoy and embrace the fun of running and competing in competitive running events. My target is to complete the event within the qualifying time of 1hr and 35 minutes. InshaAllah. Will give my best shot.***************************Today's training log:Distance: 9.23km
Time: 0: 41: 54
Activity: cycling all the up to the new Bukit Antarabangsa mosque at Taman Bukit Utama
Average Climb: 197m (highest point 200m)
Average speed: 13:21 km/h
Highest speed downhill: 46.7 km/h.

Training Log

Training log for today.

Distance: 11.41km
Time: 0: 51: 41
Activity: cycling all the up to the new Bukit Antarabangsa mosque at Taman Bukit Utama
Average Climb: 242m (highest point 202m)
Average speed: 13:24 km/h
Highest speed downhill: 49.4 km/h.


Congratulations to Malaysian Football team for winning the gold medal at the SEA Games in Vientiane in Vietnam yesterday. The team finally ended 20-year old drought. The last time we won the gold medal was in 1989.

But while we are so happy with the football team's achievement, we must not forget that the women badminton team should also receive the same accolades and praises, if not more.

Our female badminton team won the gold medals in the team event for the first time in 34 years!! Yes, thirty four years. No kidding!.

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Quick one

Quick workout towards preparation for the 12km run event this Sunday.

Distance: 7.45km
Time: 0: 30: 49
Activity: cycling all the way up to the new Bukit Antarabangsa mosque at Taman Bukit Utama
Climb: 165m (highest point 199m)
Average speed: 14:51 km/h
Highest speed downhill: 44.1 km/h.

I think i should do this again for the next few days in the morning before going to office. It's a good endurance workout.

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Trial Run

If the trial run that I had last Sunday were to be used as the indication of my performance forthis coming running event, adoyai.....I need to buck up.Last Sunday I clocked 1hr: 39mins: 43 seconds for 12KM or thereabout. Average speed of 6.74 km/hour; average pace of 8:54 per km and average climb of 75meters.That means I may not be able to finish within the qualifying time of 1hr 35minutes set by the organizers. I thought the distance I covered for the first 50 minutes or so was much better than what I did on Sunday the 13th November. In fact, I actually managed to run non-stop for the first 6.3KM including a killer hill near the International School in Taman Melawati with a climb of 94meters (more than 300 feet).That was a big improvement compared to the other weekend but still.....a bit frustrated. May be I got a little bit of dreaming and my mind was wandering too much from the task at hand thus I did not realise that my pace was getting slower towards the final 40 minutes or so. …


Waaaah, dah boleh blog direct thru IPhone via BlogPress specially for IPhones. Previously if I were to blog using my IPhone, I have to send my entry through email.

So ada reason lagi ke for not blogging more regularly?

Ermmmm...sebenarnya ada. Deadlines kerja yang tak habis-habis!

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