Ready to Run?

Malakoff.12KM 2009

Yes, are you ready to run?

What: Malakoff 12KM, Kuala Lumpur 2009

When: Tomorow (20th December, 2009)

Where: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Club

So this is it. It's going to be my last running event for this year. I never thought I would ever enjoy and embrace the fun of running and competing in competitive running events.

My target is to complete the event within the qualifying time of 1hr and 35 minutes. InshaAllah. Will give my best shot.


Today's training log:

Distance: 9.23km
Time: 0: 41: 54
Activity: cycling all the up to the new Bukit Antarabangsa mosque at Taman Bukit Utama
Average Climb: 197m (highest point 200m)
Average speed: 13:21 km/h
Highest speed downhill: 46.7 km/h.


Bunga Rampai said…
Good luck!

Superhero ... boleh punya!! :)

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