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I have to update.

I have to update.

I have to update this blog.


Anak2 ku,

Sudah agak lama Ayah tak kemaskinikan blog ini.

When I first started this blog, I was thinking of having a blog dedicated to all of you and Ibu. (Not the caca-marba type of Ayah's previous blog). Ayah hope this blog will become the source of recollection of our lives, all the little things that we did together, the good and not so good times that we shared and had gone through.

Hopefully when you are old enough to read and find this blog, you will know Ayah and Ibu better and understand why we did what we did during your growing up years.


Anak2 ku,

There were so many things to write about.

There were so many things that were flowing at the back of Ayah's mind that Ayah felt the need to write and document them in this blog. Alas, I have always been bogged down with works that after some time what I wanted to write would have been an after-event and lost the excitement.

Anak2 ku,

If someone told…

Jalan-jalan (Pegang Tangan) Kat SOGO

Kids were all at their cousins' place.

On our way back, Wife mentioned that she wanted to 'drop by' at SOGO.

So you know what's coming.....

PINQUE Shirt RM89.91
Elle Tee RM29.00
BUM Equipment Jeans RM87.20
EsteeL Perfume 50 ml RM210.00

Ayah jadi tukang bayar dan tukang dukung AKID masa Ibu keluar masuk fitting room. Itu tak termasuk specs Gucci yang beli kat Ampang Point minggu lepas. Tak pa lah. Mungkin Ibu dah lama 'berdendam' nak shopping.

Nota kaki: tajuk di atas macam nak kenen citeAuntyN pulak. :)


Dapat SMS from Wife:
Happy an'vesary. I luv u. [From: Wife 5.36 p.m. 2-MAR-06]Tengah drive dari Bangi nak balik ke office masa tuh. Kena tunggu sampai opis baru cepat2 balas,
Luv u too. Sori will b late. Kiss 3x. [From: OSH 6.12 p.m. 2-MAR-06]Laa, wedding anniversary ke hari ni? Check kad akuan nikah/kahwin.

Pernikahan ini diakui di bawah
Seksyen 21 Enakmen Keluarga Islam Negeri Melaka
(No. 8 Tahun 1983)

Bil. Daftar: M.T-125/97. Tarikh Nikah: 2.3.97

Now, before you people jump the gun and call me hopeless husband and blame the entire male population for this oversight and for not being a lovey dovey sensitive guy, let me first put up may case.

I confess, as far as I could recall, I never remember this date last year, or year before that or many many years before that.

BUT - I never forget my Mem's birthday or the birthdays of all my kids. I have enough flags to alert me for these dates. I have my PDA and my secretary to faithfully remind me. So to miss one out o…