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Happy Birthday Kak Long

Dearest Kak Long, my jantung hati.

Happy Birthday and congratulations for your 11th birthday today.

As usual, your Baba is very busy and too stressed out with works and drop dead deadlines to even honour you with a proper entry in this blog. My apology sayang.

But I did sing happy birthday song to you during breakfast this morning!.

As always, my prayers with you in all your endeavours.


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Perak Lagi

This probably my final entry on the crisis in Perak.

Below is an unsolicited legal view from a senior lawyer whom I have have high regard from his blog here. The articulate advice is precise and will help you to understand the legal position.

The Perak Crisis - Unsolicited Legal Opinion
The disagreement between the Terengganu palace and the BN's leadership over the choice of the Menteri Besar last year prompted Malik Imtiaz to write Crisis In Trengganu? What crisis? on his blog, Disquiet. I had taken a differing view than that which was taken by Imtiaz in that article. Basically I was, and still am, of the opinion that the role of the Rulers in the political arena should be approached with a degree of circumspection. I posted 2 comments to that post and it would not be out of place to reproduce a part of my comments here:
"The notion that the Rulers are a part of check and balance mechanism to the wide powers of the executives is to me, wishful at best. The reality is the Rulers …

Wither the Law

For your reading pleasure:Perak government valid until Sultan decides on matter, says donPETALING JAYA: Pakatan Rakyat is still in power in Perak until the Sultan decides on the next course of action.Thus, both Pakatan and Barisan Nasional should hold their horses and not jump the gun despite party-hopping by certain assemblymen which has shaken the seat balance in the state.Law professor Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi said the current government was still valid as the Sultan had not announced whether the State Legislative Assembly would be dissolved or not.He said that even if the assembly was dissolved, the current Mentri Besar’s government would still remain as a caretaker government unless the Sultan decided that he wanted another person to be the caretaker.“It is up to the Sultan to decide whether to accept the Mentri Besar’s advice and dissolve the assembly or to form another government.“In the meantime, the Perak government is still the government and until a new Mentri Besar is appoint…

Political Clowns

What's happening in the State of Perak may be thrilling to some people; but to me it is very disgusting. Yesterday you jumped to one ship 'with your conscience clear' for the benefit of the people and today you jumped out of the new ship back to the previous ship - again, with your clear conscience i.e. that you are doing it for the benefits of the people. Lots of bulls.Pity my friends at the Perak State Legal Advisor's office. The must be busy ploughing the State Constitutions to give advice to the Sultan, the (outgoing?) MB, the Speaker of State Assembly, the EXCO, the AG Chambers, the federal government etc. etc. They probably not sure who is in charge of the State administration by now. I don't envy them.

Life Begins At.....

If there is some truth in the saying that "Life Begins At 40" then the new chapter of my life has just begun.I was officially FORTY last Saturday, 31st January 2009. And since Saturday was not a working day, my staffs were kind enough to organize a makan-makan for me at the office last Friday. At first they thought they could surprise me by sending me SMS that there would be a department meeting at 10.30AM. But then I surprised them by telling that I would not be coming to office because I need to bring my youngest boy for a check up at Ampang P*tri. Hey, I am forty, I have had enough of surprises already. Afterall, who would call for the department meeting if not me! (ehem, their boss). My other partner in the department was still on leave that day. Anyway, Akid's doctor was still on leave on Friday so I went to office at about 11.00AM. Let see what the staffs got for me.....A cake from Secret Rec*pe. It's a cheese cake with chocolate topping.Wahhh...pulut kuning tu…