Life Begins At.....

If there is some truth in the saying that "Life Begins At 40" then the new chapter of my life has just begun.

I was officially FORTY last Saturday, 31st January 2009.

And since Saturday was not a working day, my staffs were kind enough to organize a makan-makan for me at the office last Friday.

At first they thought they could surprise me by sending me SMS that there would be a department meeting at 10.30AM. But then I surprised them by telling that I would not be coming to office because I need to bring my youngest boy for a check up at Ampang P*tri. Hey, I am forty, I have had enough of surprises already.

Afterall, who would call for the department meeting if not me! (ehem, their boss). My other partner in the department was still on leave that day.

Anyway, Akid's doctor was still on leave on Friday so I went to office at about 11.00AM.

Let see what the staffs got for me.....


A cake from Secret Rec*pe. It's a cheese cake with chocolate topping.


Wahhh...pulut kuning tu....dahsyat.


And lastly, the staffs pooled their resources to buy me a P*nasonic mini bar refrigerator. (As incentive for me to work late?). Nasib baik tak dapat yang dua pintu terus.

I am honoured. Thank you.


shafarina said…
Semoga kehidupan "bermula" dgn yang indah-indah belaka.

Happy birthday.
pB said…
apa rasa bila dah 40 nie??
maszuzu said…
happy birthday bro. many more birthdays to come and may you're blessed with good life, health and life hereafter..
CikPB: apa rasa? entah lah, macam macam rasa...

SisAdorable: Amin and thank you.
Bunga Rampai said…
Salam Hari Lahir,

Semoga panjang umur dalam amal kebajikan, dipermudahkanNya segala urusan dunia dan akhirat.

Dalam damai, senang, dan tenang jua hendaknya di mana pun berada.
CikRampai: terima kasih atas doa cik Rampai.
~akuni~ said…
Happy belated birthday...

p/s takut nyer semakin hari semakin tua, saya lar, bukan OS...

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