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Malakoff Powerman Challenge 2012

I never thought that one day I will be doing a duathlon event. 
Really and seriously, I thought it was beyond me. I have set a personal target to do a Full Marathon (42km) run at the age of 42, which I did. But still I thought a duathlon event still a step too far. 
In fact I did the FM twice already, at the StanChart KL Marathon - in year 2011 and this year. I still struggled to complete the 42km run within 6 hours. I was not satisfied with my trainings, I mean with my commitment to the rigorous training demands of doing a Full Marathon event. If you don't have enough mileage, there is no way your body could withstand the running over 42km within 6 hours, injury free. In my case, my training would always start to slack towards the closer date of the FM event.
Coming back to this Malakoff Powerman 2012 event, I registered for the Sprint Category mainly because I felt so 'tercabar' when a friend of mine put up in the fb that he has registered himself for the event. You see, th…