Malakoff Powerman Challenge 2012

I never thought that one day I will be doing a duathlon event. 

Really and seriously, I thought it was beyond me. I have set a personal target to do a Full Marathon (42km) run at the age of 42, which I did. But still I thought a duathlon event still a step too far. 

In fact I did the FM twice already, at the StanChart KL Marathon - in year 2011 and this year. I still struggled to complete the 42km run within 6 hours. I was not satisfied with my trainings, I mean with my commitment to the rigorous training demands of doing a Full Marathon event. If you don't have enough mileage, there is no way your body could withstand the running over 42km within 6 hours, injury free. In my case, my training would always start to slack towards the closer date of the FM event.

Coming back to this Malakoff Powerman 2012 event, I registered for the Sprint Category mainly because I felt so 'tercabar' when a friend of mine put up in the fb that he has registered himself for the event. You see, this friend of mine has just started his running in not more than a year ago and he actually started cycling first before running. This friend was, at one time said me, running is boring!

Suddenly he got hooked with running so much so that he has charted his targets of what he wanted to achieve within this year. So he registered himself in 10km, 12km, 18km events, then  Malakoff Powerman Sprint and finally to do 21km at Penang Bridge Marathon. 

I admire his courage and his lofty targets. 

So I said to myself, if this guy can do it (or if this guys thinks he can do it), then I am sure I could do it too. Certainly, I have more running experience and cycling mileages than him. That was when, I thought to myself, "tak boleh jadi ni....". He is more of the unconscious rivalry spirit in me.

In the end, I mustered enough courage to register myself for the Malakoff Powerman Sprint Challenge 2012. Come what may, I have to compete and complete this one!

The banner welcoming the participants at the briefing and kits collection centre at Marriot Putrajaya

Unlike other running events that I have participated, Malakoff Powerman does not provide the option to get the running bibs to be delivered by courier.

Getting ready....

At the transition area

As I exited from the transition area, at the beginning of the cycling leg....

Finally. Done! But not without drama. I almost cramped and fell right in front of the transition area when I felt sharp pain on my left calf. It happened when Ii wanted to unclip my shoes. 

I told myself, God please don't let me cramp and fell in front of all the spectators.


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