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Sunday Ride

Instead of doing my routine Sunday ride up to Genting Sempah starting from Hospital Orang Asli at Batu 12 in  Gombak, I decided to park my car at the food stalls near Sekolah Teknik Gombak. That would give me an extra 6 km from the normal starting point. So I expected to ride about (12 + 32) km this morning. I was however tempted by the invitation by a group of cycliststo continue from Genting Sempah up to Goh Tong Jaya. Not knowing what to expect, I just decided to join them. On the way up, I asked one of the riders about the route. "5 km up and 2 km down"That's the only answer I got. Short and direct to the point. True enough, it was almost a vertical climb right from the guard house where the road to Genting Highland started. And I only managed to cycle for about 1 km up the hill. Crazy man; I don't think I could go any further. Made a u-turn with another rider. You know how steep the climb was when the ride downhill was at lightning speed and you have hard time t…

What laaa.....

This may be one of the stupidest remark that I ever come across:Anifah flattered by Anwar’s suitPUTRAJAYA: Foreign Minister Da­tuk Anifah Aman is flattered that Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has sued him for RM100mil.Anifah said it showed that he was someone of influence, adding that he would have felt ashamed if he was sued for a small amount over an alleged libelous statement made in Washington.“I have not had time to read the content of the suit or think of my next course of action. I also have bigger things to attend to now like the Asean-European Union meeting which I have just attended,” he told a press conference here yesterday.[The Star, 30 May 2009]What a stupid statement from a minister. I thought he is one of the smarter ones from the land under the wind.Dear Mister Minister, you are being sued for RM100 million has nothing to do wether you are someone of influence of not; the suit for RM100 million is the damages that the plaintiff (in this case, DSAI) is seek…

Champions League Finals

It's over.The game is over for Man U, Barca is celebrating the win as I am
writing this entry now.It's a frustrating result; but Barca was a better team tonite.It is difficult to break the curse of being a defending champions -
even for a team like Man yang boring nak masuk ofis esok (pagi) ni.Sent from my iPhone

Champions League Finals

Oh nooo! Messi scored for Barca.
20 minutes left to go.Sent from my iPhone

Champions League Finals

Man U started off very promisingly but it was Barca who scored from
their attack in the 10th minutes.Eto'o scored for Barca.Barca's passing was superior and more accurate than Man U's.I still pray Man U can overcome the defisit.Second half in on the way now.Sent from my iPhone

Kak Chik Turns 6 Today

It's Kak Chik's turn to celebrate her birthday today.Happy Birthday Sayang Baba. She was all smiles when she woke up this morning. I gave her a big hug and whispered my congratulatory birthday wishes to her. Kak Chik even called me when I was at office two days ago just to remind about her birthday. Just in case her Baba forgets - maklum lah anak dah masuk 'nam orang.When I came back last night, she was already asleep. I looked around the room for party packs - couldn't find any. She normally asks to bring party packs to distribute with her classmates at kindie on her birthday. Checked with my wife and was surprised that Kak Chik didn't ask her Ibu to prepare party packs this year. That's a good sign. :)Kak Chik's birthday cake last year - courtesy of her cousins.


I did a 50.6 km ride this morning. With some friends, we cycled from Bt. 18 in Hulu Langat to Nuang and back. Then from Bt. 18 to the junction to Kuala Kelawang/Tekala Dam. Instead of going to Tekala waterfall as we had earlier planned, we decided to climb up the hills to Genting Peras (most of us call Genting Perez) which is situated at the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. It has been a long while since my last long distance ride. For the last few months I have been regularly cycling up the Genting Sempah trail from Hospital Orang Asli in Gombak. The whole trip will be about 32km; about one hour of climbing and another 15 - 20 minutes going down hill. This morning's ride was a big test to my mental strength. I was contemplating of racing back down hill many many times during the climb. It was not my first time climbing up Perez; but the mental block was too much for me to push myself. Finally I just gave up with about another 50 - 80 meters to the summit. (isk...isks...w…

One Month After

Today is exactly one month since my last entry. It also mean my baby boy is one month old today and ready to take his second dosage of the immunisation. We went to Ampang P*tri early to see the pediatrician. Big brother Akid wanted to be there too. AlhamdulilLah, everything went out well. So far no jaundice, no fever and no flu. Our only concern was about the baby's stomach which most of the time, a bit hardened and'masuk angin'. But the doctor said there was no cause to worry, he would give some medication and asked us to monitor until next visit in a month from now.By 10.00 AM we were already on our way back home. So this is the latest picture of Mohd Arif. Taken after we came back from the hospital this morning. Ibu was very happy as his weight jumped from 2.68 kg to 4.0 kg within a month.