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Happy Birthday Kak Long

Today, 25th February nine years ago, my first little girl was born.

I will never forget that day. The day I declared to the whole world that I am now a proud father of a beautiful little girl. The day I cried silently when I put you in my arms and I recited the azan to your right ear and iqamah to your left ear, right there in the labour room. And your Ibu, smiled proudly in between her sobs.

And the scar on your Ibu's tummy is the testimony of the drama that took place in the critical hours prior to your birth.


Kak Long anak yang istimewa. Dia sorang aje anak Baba yang keluar ikut tingkap; yang lain ikut pintu biasa.


[Bersambung.....][Updated 28th February 2007]

Nobody expected Kak Long would arrive on that day. Afterall two days before that Ibu was warded overnight at Ampang Putri for observation after she complained of contraction. But nothing happened. Ibu was dilated for about 2-3 cm and then contractions suddenly ceased. So when Ibu complained another round of con…

Stress Stressful Stressed and Stressed Out

Stress, Stressful, Stressed and Stressed Out (dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya).

I think that pretty well summed up the current state of my mind.

It's all about work, work, work and WORK.

Since the internal rationalisation, my workload and my responsibilities have increased three-folds. And the pressure at work is tremendous. Even my wife said that I looked stressed every time I come back home. Well, who wouldn't?

But don't ask me to quit and find other job. I don't think I am goood at doing anything else. I still like this 'lawyering' works - despite all the occupational hazards it may have.I still like the challenge of exploring new boundaries, doing something that may not have been done before etc. etc.

So I am looking forward to this coming short CNY break. I really need it.

Happy New Year to any of my kind visitors who celebrate the new lunar year. For those who will hit the road, please take extra care.

InshaAllah I will be in Port Dickson with the family and …

A Surprise That Never Was

I came back to office from a meeting at about 8.00 p.m. on Wednesday the last day of January and was greeted with this message in my mailbox:

En. S,

Happy birthday. Kita orang ingat nak surprise En S dengan birthday cake hari ni, tapi dah pukul 6 lebih En S tak balik2 lagi dari meeting. Kita orang tak leh tunggu.

Happy Birthday. Jangan lupa bawak balik kek kat dalam bilik En. F.

I felt sorry to the staffs of my department who took all the troubles to plan for the surprise. But it was really, really pack and hectic day that day - and the next two days thereafter.

I was one year older on 31st January (Wednesday), next day (1st February) went to Batu Pahat and spent the whole day in Senggarang distributing donations to flood victims only to reach home at almost midnight. Later at about 1.40 a.m. (Friday, 2nd February) I got a call from kampung that my 2nd eldest brother finally lost his battle with the big C. Immediately woke up the kids and drove back to Kelantan.

It was a very physically an…