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Eid Mubarak - Aidil Adha 2009

Salam Aidil Adha untuk semua. May be it's a bit late, but still better late than never as the saying goes. Me and family are in Ayer Keroh for Hari Raya. Earlier I was toying with the idea to drive back to my home town in Pasir Mas, but the non-stop raining and news about worsened flood condition in the east coast states caused a bit of concern. So I dared not take any risks. Again, Eid Mubarak and maaf zahir batin to all of you.P/s: lots of things currently in my mind; but too lazy to blog. I just wanna have a good rest over the extended weekend.

Train of Buses

A train or a long long queue of buses? or could I call a train of buses? I counted and there were at least 24 buses in the picture, all the way down towards WIlayah Complex.

Update Duke*thon

(Picture: the start(yellow)/end(white) arches)AlhamdulilLah, the run went out quite alright for me.I reached the place quite early roughly about fifteen minutes before seven in the morning. I saw the organiser was trying to put up the hot air balloon. Went round and round looking for registration booth but turned out that there was no need for registration. They just collect the slip once the participants were gathered in the starting area.This time the build up was not as exciting as the one I had experienced during the KL Marathon 2009. There was flurry of camera flashes when the VIP arrived and suddenly I heard the starting gun shot. Haiyaa, tak thrill langsung. I was with my office partner for the first 1 - 1.5km when I found it though to follow his pace, so I drifted behind a bit but I could still see him in the crowd about 20 meters from me. Well, that's what happen when you don't train much! Heh he he...
My partner has been running very diligently as opposed to me as I…

Anyone Game for a Run?

Any body game for a run?
When? Tomorrow (morning of course).
Where? DUKE (Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway).
Distance? 5KM.InshaAllah I will be participating in the Dukethon event tomorrow - just for fun. This will be my second time participating in a run after the 10KM event during the KL Marathon earlier this year.Just like before, this is just suka-suka and for personal satisfaction. No way I am going to compete with those serious runners.Come and join the fun. There are many other interesting activities besides the 5KM run.Wish me luck!


AlhamdulilLah, segala puji dan syukur dipanjatkan kepada AlLah yang telah memudahkan segala urusan.

My brother has successfully undergone a bypass operation. He was wheeled into the operation room at 9.00am. The operation commenced at about 10.00 am and only finished at about 4:30 pm.We were allowed to visit him at the ICU room. Of course he was still unconscious. In fact he would be unconscious until tomorrow afternoon.I am so glad that everything went out well. Thank you for your kind doa and well wishes.Sent from my iPhone

Long day, Long Tiring Day

Updating from KLIA now.Waiting to catch a flight to Kota Bharu. Was in Johore the whole day today. To be exact, I had a long meeting a client's office at Port of T*anjung P*elepas.The meeting ended at about a quarter past four then drove back to KL. Luckily I was not the one who drove. There were 3 of us plus the office driver. The Alphard was very comfortable enough for me to catch some sleep.The road was clear all the way until we reached jalan tun razak/jalan istana intersection. Took almost an hour to reach my office from there.Luckily I booked the last flight. Rushed from office and reached KLIA at about 8:30pm. (Nasib baik minyak kereta ngam2 aje). Still plenty of time to change my clothes and do my jamak prayers.I m going back to visit my elder brother who will be undergoing a bypass operation tomorrow morning.Please pray for my brother; please pray that the operation will be carried out smoothly. InshaAllah.
Thank you.
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Thank you for your kind wishes and encouragement, I managed to finish the paper and emailed it to the organiser at about 8.30PM on Saturday. Yup....spent the whole of Saturday in office. :(The presentation by my Boss went out well yesterday.P/s: actually my colleagues and I were betting whether my Boss will be presenting the paper or he would just ask me to take his place since I did all the preparation. Well the possibility was there - and it had happened before. Needless to say, the guys owed dinner now.