Anyone Game for a Run?

Dukethon 22112009

Any body game for a run?

When? Tomorrow (morning of course).

Where? DUKE (Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway).

Distance? 5KM.

InshaAllah I will be participating in the Dukethon event tomorrow - just for fun. This will be my second time participating in a run after the 10KM event during the KL Marathon earlier this year.

Just like before, this is just suka-suka and for personal satisfaction. No way I am going to compete with those serious runners.

Come and join the fun. There are many other interesting activities besides the 5KM run.

Wish me luck!


shafarina said…
just remember, you are the DUKE!!

good luck too.
MA said…
The only time you can see me running is when there is an anjing gila behind me!

Haha...good luck on the DUKE!

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