Thank you for your kind wishes and encouragement, I managed to finish the paper and emailed it to the organiser at about 8.30PM on Saturday.

Yup....spent the whole of Saturday in office. :(

The presentation by my Boss went out well yesterday.

P/s: actually my colleagues and I were betting whether my Boss will be presenting the paper or he would just ask me to take his place since I did all the preparation. Well the possibility was there - and it had happened before.

Needless to say, the guys owed dinner now.


Justiffa said…
Heh OS.. bole la belanje kitorang teh tarik sekole dua ;)

Glad things turned out ok. over here we're falling all over ourselves preparing for ISO auditing.. haish.
pB said…
tahniah tahniah tahniah
KakRK: ISO audit, bestnya kalau kita yang jadi juru audit. Just tick non-compliance je memanjang...

PB: tq, tq n tq
~akuni~ said…
Sy macam teringin nak minum teh tarik kaw punya!
Bunga Rampai said…
Tahniah! So, bila boleh belanja tek tarik?

Salam :)

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