Long day, Long Tiring Day

Updating from KLIA now.

Waiting to catch a flight to Kota Bharu. Was in Johore the whole day today. To be exact, I had a long meeting a client's office at Port of T*anjung P*elepas.

The meeting ended at about a quarter past four then drove back to KL. Luckily I was not the one who drove. There were 3 of us plus the office driver. The Alphard was very comfortable enough for me to catch some sleep.

The road was clear all the way until we reached jalan tun razak/jalan istana intersection. Took almost an hour to reach my office from there.

Luckily I booked the last flight. Rushed from office and reached KLIA at about 8:30pm. (Nasib baik minyak kereta ngam2 aje). Still plenty of time to change my clothes and do my jamak prayers.

I m going back to visit my elder brother who will be undergoing a bypass operation tomorrow morning.

Please pray for my brother; please pray that the operation will be carried out smoothly. InshaAllah.

Thank you.

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Justiffa said…
OS..semoga ur bro's surgery goes well & he recovers brilliantly, insyallah. but u take care osso la, ramai yg menanti kat rumah tu!!!

btw, rupanye OS orghe kelate jugak ye just like golfman :D
Kak RK: thank you for your kind doa. Yes, I am from Darulnaim too.

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