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Retail Therapy

Received SMS from my wife at 2:16PM today, "Sorry, ws hvg an expensive therapy @ Habib. I know i'll break down if i talk to u! See u later"Needless to say, I was stumped!Apa hal la pulak ni? Then when I read at the message again,...once, twice...three times....trying to figure out the meaning (or the event that might have led to the so called expensive therapy), DAMN! only then it dawned on me that the message was NOT from my wife!!.Could not be from my wife because the language is different. Phew...lega.My wife had forwarded to me the message that was originally sent by my sister to her. HA HAHA HA....GOOD LUCK TO MY BROTHER (IN LAW)!!!P/s: my very the manja sister just sent her first born to college yesterday. So may be tengah mengubat hati yang lara sebab missing her eldest son la tu kat Habib.