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Saigon Tour 2011

Nothing beats a good hot shower and followed by a glass of hot milo after a long and tough ride.


We cycled more than 120km on this second day of the tour.

After a good lunch - well meals for lunches and dinners so far have been marvelous, we pushed for Ke Ga. A seaside destination about 35km from our lunch stop.

We thought we could reached there in slightly above 2 hours but it took more than 3 and a half hours. When we the junction to route 712 leading to Ke Ga it was about 4pm. The signage said 15km to go.

Doc Olmo suggested for us to proceed; myself and Zul followed suit. We thought we could reach the hotel early and have more time for ourselves. But the headwind was slowing us down again.

As you cut through the headwind you could even hear the sound of the whirlwind buzzing in your ears. The road condition was quite rough and bumpy also slowed us down.

At one point we passed by a school where the school session was just ended. We were practically swarmed by the excited a…

Saigon Tour 2011

The result of 68.7km.

Everything on the table was wipe out clean.

This is grilled cuttle fish.

And this is grilled chopped fish.

It is like "keropok lekor" but with black pepper mixed into it.

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Saigon 2011

Lunch break. Almost 1:30pm.

Reached La Gi. Our target destination for lunch today. Going to take a break before continuing with our journey to Ke Ga.

Approximately 20km more to go. Will use highway 709 to Ke Ga.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Stating the obvious.

It says...KAYUH LAGI 12KM!
And it's climbing...

P/s: La Gi (pronounced as La Zi) is our next target destination en route to Phan Ri Chua.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Taking a break again.

It's hot and we are heading to La Gi (pronounced as La Zi). Another 19km to our half way destination.

We have covered about 48km in slightly over 4hrs of cycling.

Happy kids coming out of school waved at us. "Hello, hello....". Some even said "good morning" with a peace signs.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Second coffee break at about 10:00 am at Binh Chou. After about 34km from our hotel.

Happy faces after long coastal road and riding against the headwind.

Saigon Tour 2011

Dinner for tonite.

Mmm...yummy 'siput batik'.

After the whole day of cycling today, we were looking forward for a good dinner. But since today is Sunday, we have to search for for place to eat because most restaurant close early.

And the taste of that siput....marvelous!

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Saigon Tour 2011

It's about 9pm local time.

We are on our way to our hotel in Bien Hoa located about 35km away from the city of HCM.

We made the right decision to start our journey outside the city - there is no way we could cycle in this place. We could easily be swarmed by the sheer number of the motorbikes. You can see all kinds of motorbikes on the road; but mostly 150cc and below. They came from all over directions. Left, right and even opposite direction.

Reached hotel at about 10pm local time. The assembly of the last bike was only completed almost after 1am.

And we are ready tomorrow!

Modest room for tonite.

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Saigon Tour 2011

I am on flight AK882 from KL to Ho Chi Minh city. Expected to arrive at about a quarter past 3:00 in the afternoon or a quarter past 4:00 KL time.

Time difference in HCM is one hour behind KL.

I am excited and really looking forward to enjoy this "jalan-jalan kayuh basikal" touring Vietnam from the city of HCM to a city called Nha Trang. The total cycling distance is 445km within the span of 5 days.

Amazingly 445 is also the total aggregate number of years of age of the guys in my cycling group. At 42, I am the youngest of the group. Other members are all above 50s.

We have 60(2x), 59, 58, 56, 55(2x) & yours truly at 42. If you add up those number of years, you will get 445!

Amazing....and I pray and hope this is going to be another amazing journey!

Pray for our safety throughout the journey, InshaAllah.

My bike was all set in the bike bag. Started dismantling the bike after 11:00PM last nite and only manage to complete at about 2 in the morning.

Alhamdulillah the check in proce…


Arrgh...., too many things to do and so little time left. Soo Stressed out!

***update camni boleh ke?

Almost 4PM now. Belum lunch. Immediate things to do:

- to go to penggurup wang and change RM to USD
- to buy travelling bag (at sogo?)
- to buy new camera (slim and slick? kalau sempat)
- to dismantle my bike and pack it in the bike bag (gonna take the whole night tonite!)

Many more things to settle in the office. Still got one more meeting tonite at 9pm.

Oh God, help me!

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