Arrgh...., too many things to do and so little time left. Soo Stressed out!

***update camni boleh ke?

Almost 4PM now. Belum lunch. Immediate things to do:

- to go to penggurup wang and change RM to USD
- to buy travelling bag (at sogo?)
- to buy new camera (slim and slick? kalau sempat)
- to dismantle my bike and pack it in the bike bag (gonna take the whole night tonite!)

Many more things to settle in the office. Still got one more meeting tonite at 9pm.

Oh God, help me!

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KakNi said…
Nak pegi mana wahai encik OS?
CikAhni: he he...bila pulak tukar jd kak ni? FYI i will be cycling touring in vietnam. Will try to update this blog regularly. InshaAllah.

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