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Sports Day Pictures

These were some of the pictures taken during my boy's Sports Day last Friday, 25th May 2007.

My boy, the pom-pom boy.

Hooray! My team won!


Monkey walk game. He has to carry the bean pack on his elbows and walk forward for about 25 metres and return and then pass the bean pack to the next kid.

Monkeying around

The Boy was tired and getting bored already.
Couldn't wait to get home to watch Power Rangers.

Happy Birthday, Kak Chik

Kak Chik is officially 4 years old today.

She waited impatiently for her auntie to come over since the latter promised her birthday cake and all the goodies.

Everybody tried to make her birthday as memorable as possible because Kak Chik had promised that she would go to kindergarten after her birthday.

She did go to the kindergarten early in the year but it lasted less than a week. Three days to be exact!. After that she gave all kinds of reasons and insisted for her Ibu to sit with her in her class. That's when we decided to pull her out. Later when everybody asked her when she would want to start schooling, she nonchalantly said she would attend schooling after her birthday.

So for the past few months we have been reminding her of her coming birthday, that she is now a big girl and we have been telling her of all the good things about schooling.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully she will not come up with new excuses when the school recommence in another two weeks.

Sports Day

There's a sense of pride when you stood upright and sang NEGARAKU together with your son on his Sports Day.

It's a joy to watch the kids having fun without a care of the world. Nothing to worry.......No deadlines to worry about.

Pictures later.

Selamat Hari IBU

Updated 23rd May 2007


Since people say that Mother's Day should not be confined to 13th May only but Mothers must be appreciated every day, 365 day a year instead. So I decided to let the post below shall remain, for the time being. :)


The truth is, as you may have already known, I am very very very busy.......and penat, letih, terduduk, terbaring kesibukan.

Original Post


My 'Selamat Hari IBU' wish goes to....

The beautiful Ibu of my five lovely kids
The Ibu of the beautiful Ibu to my five lovely kids
The blogging Ibu(s) whose blogs I frequent every day
(Kak Teh, Mak Andeh, AuntyN, K'Sya, AHNI, PB, Wan, AnggerikMerah, Ailin, Ibu, Helena.....ada lagi? nanti I tambah)

May Allah showers all His blessings unto all of you.

The pictures of the artworks done by my big boy, Akmal and his sister, Angah dedicated to their mother.

Akmal's blue and red works was done at his kiddie last Friday. He kept it in his room and only gave it to…

Pakcik Kayoooooooo

How do you feel if you unexpectedly found some crispy new notes in your drawer?

Oooh yeah, I was sifting through old cheque books (cheque butts?), pictures, receipts etc etc in my drawer in the office this afternoon when I saw a worn out white office envelope. Guess what inside the envelope?

Haha hah ha......Pak cik Kayo, yeay!.

There were 12 pieces of rm100 notes and seven pieces of rm5 notes. All notes are serially numbered. The rm5 notes are actually in green RHB hari raya packets!. Must have been the money I reserved for hari raya. But which year of hari raya? I just couldn't recall when and why I actually left the money there in the first place.

Well doesn't matter what. I am rm1,235 richer today.

Hah hah hah. Jangan marah ye, I'm singing hari raya tune now. La lala la la...

Tale of a Father

One afternoon, many many moons back.

We were just jalan-jalan at Ampang Point. My kids and I were at the kid's section, while my wife was at the ladies' section with Akid.

"Baba, boleh tak Angah nak beli baju?"

"Baju apa? Kan dah banyak baju baru?"

"Tak...., ni baju yang pakai kat dalam punya"

<***Blurr> "Yang pakai kat dalam punya? Yang macam mana?"

"Alaaa, yang ada tali tu" Angah was making her hand gestures. Looks like she was explaining a shirt with a strap over the shoulders.

"Yang macam mana? Baba tak tahu la" Oh no, I hope she would not ask for a spaghetti strap t-shirt. I would not allow that!

"Baju tu kita pakai kat dalam, lepas tu pakai la baju lain kat luar" Angah still trying hard to explain.

"Macam tu?" I was pointing to the big advert that showed some kids wearing chequered shirts with plain coloured t-shirts in the inside.

"Bukan....." Angah sounded a bit frustrated. "Dia…

Starting All Over Again

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Syukurillah.

Thank you Allah for giving me courage to make the commitment.

Thank you Allah for giving me time and strength to complete the task.

I will be starting all over again and I hope I could finish the Book by this coming Ramadhan.