Happy Birthday, Kak Chik

Kak Chik is officially 4 years old today.

She waited impatiently for her auntie to come over since the latter promised her birthday cake and all the goodies.

Everybody tried to make her birthday as memorable as possible because Kak Chik had promised that she would go to kindergarten after her birthday.

She did go to the kindergarten early in the year but it lasted less than a week. Three days to be exact!. After that she gave all kinds of reasons and insisted for her Ibu to sit with her in her class. That's when we decided to pull her out. Later when everybody asked her when she would want to start schooling, she nonchalantly said she would attend schooling after her birthday.

So for the past few months we have been reminding her of her coming birthday, that she is now a big girl and we have been telling her of all the good things about schooling.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully she will not come up with new excuses when the school recommence in another two weeks.


pB said…
anak no berapa nie??

Sama umur dgn anak pB.

Hopefully lepas ni no more kelentong kelentong ....
~ahni~ said…
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Kak Chik.
Happy birthday to you.

Sebenor Happy Belated Birthday...

So, hari ni dah start pergi taska/tadika?
~ahni~ said…
Eh silap, sekarang cuti sekolah.
Kak Teh said…
happy birthday kak chik!
you know OSH, we parents are funny - we tell our children they are big when it suits us - and the when they want to do something - we tell them they are still small.
PB: No. 4. Kalau yang keletah cakap, memang banyak auta!

AHNI: tu lah kena tunggu another two weeks baru boleh tahu janji palsu ke tidak

KakTeh: Why? We are parents, we make the rules (and we bend them!)
wan said…
OSH, her birthdate sama macam my mom's.

Happy Birthday Kak Chik!
Ku Keng said…
4 years? And I remember well your bachelorhood days. Just like yesterday.
Wan: Happy belated Birthday to you Mum.

AyohKeng: My bachelorhood days? That was when Bas Mini Wilayah was still roaming the streets!
M.I.S.S.Y said…
that makes kak chik a gemini too?
UglyButAdorable said…
auwwww....happy buffday kak chik from aunty UBA....kisses and hugs...

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