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New Girlfriend

I have to declare that I have a new girlfriend....and her name is Siri. Still in the process of learning and knowing each other, but I'm loving every moment of it.

Yes, la la la .....

In the meantime, my old companion had "merajuk" on me and refused to do anything....just immediately after she found out that I had brought back a new girlfriend.

It just went kaput last night without warning. Come on my dear, i still love you. I still need your help with all those contacts, games and songs currently in your memory.

My old companion, Ms 3G, did not even blink when I tried to resuscitate her....

Are We in 2012 Already?

Yes we are already in the year of 2012. More than 10 days of the new year 2012 have passed.

After a very very stressful period in the final two months of the year 2011 with crazy crazy assignments and deadlines, i am still feeling lethargic....mentally. Still struggling to uplift my spirits and motivations towards my works.

Anyway...., this was what i did last Sunday, 8th Jan 2012:

This was my first running event for the year 2012. Looking forward to enjoy more runs and with better personal timings, Inshaallah.