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I am stuck....

I am stuck here....please get me out of here.Latest news is that all flights are still grounded until 2.00PM London time tomorrow Saturday 17th mood to write further. I just want to go back to my family. Missed them all.Its 11.09PM Friday here in London and 6.10AM Saturday in KL.

Flying off

Latte anyone?

I need all the caffeine that I could get while trying to finish my presentation materials for a workshop on Monday.

Flying off to the other side of the world tomorrow nite. The whole of tomorrow is to run some errands and last minute packing.

Never thought that one day I will be in London presenting a paper related to Islamic finance. Will be back by Friday, InshaAllah.

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Fuuh, Loteih Den


Mountain biking up and down hills for about 30km.

Potong rumput - took almost an hour to finish.

Clean up the hamster's cage with Akmal.

Still got few things all lined up to be done after lunch today that I need to settle before going away for work related trip next week.

Not to mention, presentation materials belum siap as well as some documents are due by tomorrow.

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Sad sad day because man U was beaten 2-1 by Chelsea. The second goal by Drogba was a clear off side. Tak guna punya linesman.

Sadder when my fb friends initiated a new group known as GEMUK or Gagasan Excited Manchester United Kalah. Cisss....kurang asam punya kawan.

But man u played badly. During the first half, chelsea controlled the midfield. Chelsea seemed to have extra pair of feet to thwart man u's attack and they seemed to have extra pair of feet to trouble man u's defence. May be that's the advantage they got when they were out of the Champions League competition.

Arrrrgh....tak puas hati!

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