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Cucur Udang, Cucur Badak

Apologies, have been in mind blogging mode lately.


Received this from a friend.
Sewaktu Pak Pandir menjalankan perniagaan menjual cucur udang, datanglah seorang pelanggan mencari juadah minum petang. Pelanggan itu pun memesan cucur udang RM3.00 untuk dibawa pulang. Apabila melihat cucur udang Pak Pandir, pelanggan itu pun merungut...

Pelanggan : Alahai Pak Pandir....Nama nye cucur udang..3 keping RM1.00 plak tu.. dah la mahal, tak nampak pun udang besar kat atas ni.

Pak Pandir : Ala encik. Kira ok la tu. Ada juga udang kecik-kecik dalam tu. Orang depan tu ha (menunjukkan peniaga di depan gerai Pak Pandir) jual cucur badak, tapi takda pun letak badak.. orang tak komplen pun.

Sixteen Years Ago

Received SMS from my eldest brother in the morning when I was in a meeting,

Salam....Ptg ni genap 16 tahun bonda pulang ke rahmatullah - AL FATIHAH...
Emmm, sedar tak sedar dah masuk 16 tahun arwah Ibu meninggalkan Aku. I mentioned about her demise in my earlier Mother's Day entry. Just brief. That's it.


I just thanked my brother for the kind reminder but the truth is, I never forget the date, the time, the circumstances and every thing that took place on that day, on that very moment. Where I was seated. I was holding her hand. Mum's head was on my eldest brother's lap. My late second brother was whispering at her right ear....Allahu Akbar....Allahu Akbar.....Allahu Akbar....slowly and continuously. Other siblings were all gathered around her.

Tears were streaming on everybody's cheeks, but we tried not to cry. No I didn't cry. Just like I didn't shed a single tear when Ayah died. We knew that her time has come. We knew that we have to let her …


Today is the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new milenium. When I came back from office last nite, abang akmal showed me his new remote control car. So this morning he woke up early and asked me to accompany him playing his new toy at the vacant space at the community hall next to my house. Kak chik got herself a new bag to show. Now that she has been going to school for the last 3 weeks, her Ibu finally bought her the bag as promised. *************Looking back, where were you in life on this date ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Thirty years ago?
070797 - I was just started my career as a 'loyer' after being called to the bar about two years before that. Just got married. No kids yet. 070787 - I was doing my matriculation course at a boarding school in Kelantan. It was hell but it was an important milestone of my life. At that time there was nothing else in my mind but to get good grades and get admission to do medicine at a local university. Now let me confess…