Sixteen Years Ago

Received SMS from my eldest brother in the morning when I was in a meeting,

Salam....Ptg ni genap 16 tahun bonda pulang ke rahmatullah - AL FATIHAH...

Emmm, sedar tak sedar dah masuk 16 tahun arwah Ibu meninggalkan Aku. I mentioned about her demise in my earlier Mother's Day entry. Just brief. That's it.


I just thanked my brother for the kind reminder but the truth is, I never forget the date, the time, the circumstances and every thing that took place on that day, on that very moment. Where I was seated. I was holding her hand. Mum's head was on my eldest brother's lap. My late second brother was whispering at her right ear....Allahu Akbar....Allahu Akbar.....Allahu Akbar....slowly and continuously. Other siblings were all gathered around her.

Tears were streaming on everybody's cheeks, but we tried not to cry. No I didn't cry. Just like I didn't shed a single tear when Ayah died. We knew that her time has come. We knew that we have to let her go in peace. It's way past 'Asr and Maghrib was approaching when she drew her last breath and we redha.

Kita semua redha dengan pemergian Mek. Janjinya untuk sehidup semati dengan Ayah. Tak bersenggang lama antara keduanya. Hampir sembilan bulan sahaja jurang pemisahnya.

Mek was laid to rest the next morning. It was 1st Muharram 1412H. We couldn't honour her last wish to be buried next to Ayah's grave because of the rainy season then. Ayah's graveyard was situated at a low ground. The water would have fill up the liang lahad fast enough even before we could laid her. We chose her place of final rest near Mak Aji's grave, her mother in law. It's was not that far from Ayah's place, but on a higher ground.

Now every time if I go back home, I will recite Yaasin at Ayah's place and continue with my tahlil at Mek's place.


bunga rampai said…

Moga roh mereka ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang mulia di sisiNya.

(Sebak membaca entri ini)

CikRampai: terima kasih atas doa mu.
Kak Teh said…
OSH, Al Fatehah to your Mek.
I cant bear to read till the end. Forgive me.
UglyButAdorable said…
may Allah bless her soul among the pious..and may we be her neighbours insya Allah...
KakTeh: Thank you, thank you.

CikAdorable: Amin. InshaAllah.
Cat Cat said…
May your mom and dad rest in peace.
Sedih Cath baca entry Superhero ini.
pB said…
Al Fatehah untuk ayoh n mek OSH
mak andeh said…
Al Fatihah to both your Mek and Ayah. May they be amongst those loved by Allah.

I guess we will never stop grieving for our parents. I know I never did.
Cath: thanks for your kind prayers

PB: thank you

MakAndeh: I guess you are right.
Ku Keng said…
I remembered the day that we got the news.

Time really flies.

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