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Same Old, Same Old

I am back with the old routine....

First person to come in, last person to leave.
Last person to go back, still first person to come in.
Reach office before 8.00AM, leave only after 10.00PM.

There is so much works, so little time.

And I have been missing my training sessions.

Ermmm....very stressful.

Che Mood Tak De.... :(

Sorry, mood tak de...dah hilang; hopefully my mood will come back soon.

I hate these kind of mixed feelings....when you feel - anger building up inside you; when you feel frustrated; when you feel like you want to choke someone to death; when you feel like you want to smash someone's head to the wall; when you wanna curse everything and anything but at the same time, the other side of you keeps telling you to keep cool; to be more patient; to be forgiving; to accept the qada and qadar of Allah and rezeki comes from Him and on His wills, rezeki can be taken back.

All these has taken away the joy and excitement I had last night after I bought a new pair of running shoes...