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Teh Tarik anyone....?

Anybody game for a teh tarik session?Hah ha ha...the blog owner is actually under extreme pressure to complete a presentation paper to be presented this coming Monday (2nd November 2009). It is already late. The deadline was last week.My Managing Partner (a.k.a. my boss) just informed me about it and requested my help to prepare the paper for him. Aiyoo...and it's not normal power point slide presentations. The format of the programme is that the presenter will first present his (research) paper on certain issues given to him and his paper will be discussed (and commented) by 2 discussants. The paper that I am preparing will be on legal issues affecting Islamic Finance and to be discussed by none other that the former Chief Justice (mantan Ketua Hakim Negara)!. Mati la gue....cannot cincai-cincai one.Worst, the paper will have to be in Malay!!!. Adoyai....susah la cam ni - because my mother's tongue is.............French! :)

Aktiviti Ahad

Semalam pergi kenduri kahwin sepupu my Wife nun di Kampung Permatang Pasir di Banting Selangor. Meriah nya bukan main. Maklum lah, anak sulung tok penghulu. Sudahnya sepanjang malam dan hari ni seisi rumah sakit perut. Memang semua lauk kenduri podeh nak mampuih...yang amat pedas. Malam tadi terjaga pukul 3.30 pagi, Abang Akmal sampai nangis (manja?) sakit perut. Pagi tadi sebelum ke sekolah, Kak Ngah dah dua kali ke tandas. Aku sendiri kat ofis pun dah dua kali ke tandas. Ini baru betul punya Ya Qadhial Hajaat...Tengahari pulak Abang Akmal telefon ofis, mintak cuti dari pergi sekolah - takut sakit perut di sekolah; dan komplen tandas kat sekolah kotor.  Aku sempat melawak dengan dia, aku cakap kalau tak sempat berak aje dalam seluar.Tup tup...dapat SMS dari my Wife cakap dia nak ke sekolah ambik Abang Akmal. Dia sakit perut dan dah ter...... dalam seluar!. Aiyooo...********Semalam sempat pergi Shah Alam sebelum pergi kenduri. Ada appointment ambik specs Kak Ngah. Minggu lepas dah per…

Masih Raya Lagi?

Esok orang-orang Makkal Sakhti nak beraya. Tapi pagi ni masa lalu depan SOGO lebih kurang jam 9.30 pagi - nampaknya yang ramai-ramai duduk tercongok kat tangga SOGO, yang tak sabar-sabar tunggu SOGO bukak - bukannya orang depa; orang kita lah jugak.Aik,.....tak habis raya lagi ke?

And the answer is...

MAwas spot on in her second attempt to guess what were in the pictures in my entry yesterday. They were baby hamsters - roborwski snow white hamster - not so sure about the spelling though. (Ni dia 5 ekor hamster, sekor lagi tengah bergayut kat puting mak dia masa aku ambik gambar ni)When I came back from office on Wednesday night, all the kids were really excited to break the news that one of Abang Akmal's hamsters has given birth to six (6) new babies. They were reddish in colour and so soo small. I mean, I have seen 'anak tikus' before; but these newborn babies are so small. To give you the idea of how small they are, I put a 20-cent coin beside them.And this is the picture of the mother hamster standing guard of its babies. ********Honestly I was not really in favour of pets. Be it rabbits, cats, hamsters etc. They are cute and may be fun to play with but I don't have the time to really take a good care of them, feed them, wash their cage etc.Abang Akmal has been p…


Look at this picture below and tell me what it is....No price for the correct guess though. :P*****OK la...since MA said the picture is not clear enough, so I put up another one below.So, what is it? When I showed it to my colleague this afternoon, her first guess was a potpourri. No it is not correct (....see...there goes one clue).

When Baba Becomes Barber

I had a swith of profession last weekend. I took the opportunity to trim and cut Arif's hair. Of all my kids only Arif was born with lots of hair. Others were born almost without much hair and remained so for almost 1 1/2 or two years old. Even my girls were the same.

But Arif is different. He has thick hair especially on the sides of his temple. This was Arif before the hair cut.

When the Earth Shakes

No, the earth on our part of the world didn't shake last two days.

Unlike in Padang Sumatera, where an earthquake in the magnitude of 7.6 of Richter scale had caused massive destructions, what we felt (or had gone through) two days ago was nothing but a mild sway of the earth.

I was in my car waiting for my son outside of his school in Taman Melawati. I was a bit engrossed with the games on my I Phone when suddenly I felt that my car moved or swayed. It was as if a big heavy vehicle just passed by a bit too close to my car. I looked at my side and of course there was no lorry or heavy vehicle in sight. In fact, no lorry would be able to squeeze through as most parents have double parked their vehicle while waiting to fetch their kids.

When I came out of the car, another parent asked me whether I felt the earth moved a moment ago. I said yes, it lasted for a few seconds. He said he felt it too; and he said he just received call from his colleague in office somewhere in Damansara that …