When the Earth Shakes

No, the earth on our part of the world didn't shake last two days.

Unlike in Padang Sumatera, where an earthquake in the magnitude of 7.6 of Richter scale had caused massive destructions, what we felt (or had gone through) two days ago was nothing but a mild sway of the earth.

I was in my car waiting for my son outside of his school in Taman Melawati. I was a bit engrossed with the games on my I Phone when suddenly I felt that my car moved or swayed. It was as if a big heavy vehicle just passed by a bit too close to my car. I looked at my side and of course there was no lorry or heavy vehicle in sight. In fact, no lorry would be able to squeeze through as most parents have double parked their vehicle while waiting to fetch their kids.

When I came out of the car, another parent asked me whether I felt the earth moved a moment ago. I said yes, it lasted for a few seconds. He said he felt it too; and he said he just received call from his colleague in office somewhere in Damansara that their office building shook and every body was running down the stairs. It could have been an earthquake in Indonesia, I said to him.

Shortly after reaching home, I received an SMS alert of what has hit Padang in Sumatera. I thought nothing of it until a friend called me to ask the whereabout my office partner. He said he could not contact my partner after knowing about the earthquake. He believed my partner could have been in Padang on that day.

Oh no! My partner have been going up and down to Padang quite ferquently lately to attend to some matters and I would not be surprised if he were in Padang at that time. I called my partner's secretary when my calls to my partner's hp could not get through. And thank God, she confirmed that my partner was in the country. Pheww.

Later that night, I received a call from my partner and we spoke on other matters first before I asked him what happened to his project in Padang. He said he was worried as he could not contact the person that he was working with in Padang. The deadline is coming very soon.


MA said…
I was driving along Sprint highway about that time. Tak ada rasa apa-apa pun, maybe because my old car pun memang dah rattling kot? :P

But the jam was massive and I see one after another ambulance racing and squeezing through the traffic. I heard over the radio aout the earthquake but didn't realise the magnitude of it.
sya said…
Kak sya was at Level 19 in my office.. terasa cam pening, i thought it was becos i had a light lunch and a bit drowsy since it was late evening and im hungry.. rupanya earthquake
MA and K'Sya: we should thank God that we were not being tested with such calamities.

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