Look at this picture below and tell me what it is....


No price for the correct guess though. :P


OK la...since MA said the picture is not clear enough, so I put up another one below.

IMG_0374 - Copy

So, what is it?

When I showed it to my colleague this afternoon, her first guess was a potpourri. No it is not correct (....see...there goes one clue).


MA said…
alaaa...gambar tak clear la...nak kata puntung rokok, halus sangat...I give up.

So, apa dia?
MA said…
Ughh...don't tell me, anak tikus baru lahir???

Looks like baby hamsters to me!

Bro. McB: nasik kerabu? jauhnya yr imagination...

MA: SPOT ON!!!, It's newborn baby hamster. Congrats. I got 6 altogether, am putting up for adoption...interested? :)

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