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School Holidays....

The kids school's necessities are all done after numerous trips to Bata, Jusco, Giant, One Stop Centre etc. etc.

The big question remains, when can Baba takes leave for a family break? Mr Santa will be coming and December will be over soon.


UPSR oh UPSR...(results dah keluar da...)

Totally forgotten about the results of UPSR will be announced this morning ..... until heard it over the radio when I was sending my kids to school. Works and crazy deadlines were to blame for all this.!!

Two weeks ago I was the only one who wanted to work on Monday when it was supposed to be extended holiday because Hari Raya Haji fell on Sunday. During a meeting everybody was discussing about sending and exchanging certain documents on Tuesday bla bla..when I interjected, quite confidently and said, "Look, why wait until Tuesday? Whatever you can send on Monday, just send on that we could compile the documents...." Everybody at the meeting looked at me and said, "Encik S, Monday CUTI LA!!!"

I digress...

Back on UPSR results, when the radio announcer announced about the results coming out this morning, I glanced through rear view mirror and saw Kak Ngah sitting at the back. She just smiled. Glad she looked okay... She was quite nervous last week and k…

Let's Run - Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

Yesterday.......Saturday night run at Putrajaya Night Marathon.
Today.......recovering mode. Will write a bit more, InshaAllah.

UPSR oh UPSR (Dah habis....)

Merdeka3x! - Laungan seorang ibu yang anaknya bru brgelar graduan upsr! wakaka!
Begitulah SMS yang Aku terima dari my roommate sebaik sahaja dia balik dari mengambil Kak Ngah yang baru habis peperiksaan UPSR di sekolahnya pada petang Khamis 15hb September. Dapat kurasai betapa leganya perasaan seorang ibu bagaikan segala kegusaran dan kegelisahan sejak dua tiga hari yang lalu hilang lenyap sekelip mata.

Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Tengahari tadi diberitakan kantin sekolah anak Aku bagaikan pesta dengan ibubapa membawa bermacam-macam makanan tengahari untuk anak-anak mereka yang akan menyambung peperiksaan selepas rehat tengahari. Ada yang bawa KFC, ada yang beli Mc D.....mungkin itulah yang dipesan oleh anak masing-masing. :)


Maka hari ini, bermulalah UPSR untuk semua pelajar-pelajar darjah 6 tahun 2011. Dalam mukabuku, aku dapat tengok ramai jugak kawan2 yang ada anak ambik periksa UPSR tahun ni. He he...dah meningkat umur kita ye...

Dizaman serba kompetitif ini, peperiksaan darjah 6 pun dah jadi macam periksa SPM. Mak bapak tak lena tidur, anak stress dengan tuition dan macam-macam lagi lah. Handphone my roommate tak berhenti2 dapat SMS pasal tajuk tu lah, topik ni lah yang diramal akan keluar periksa hari ni dari ibu-ibu dan kawan2 yang seangkatan dengannya. Aku bagitau dia, tak payah nak stress kan budak tu.

Tahun ni Kak Ngah akan mengambil peperiksaan UPSR. Jadi ni dah kira pengalaman kedua ada anak ambil UPSR lah kiranya. Suspens, nervous sebenarnya dah tak de sangat dah bagi aku. My roommate kat rumah tu, mungkin adalah kot.

Kenapa aku kurang suspens tahun ni? Mungkin sebab berbeza dengan Kak Long, anak aku yang nombor dua ni tahu dan faham apa yang dia nak. Dia sendiri ada cita-cita nak buat exa…

Ramadhan 2011

We are coming to the end of Ramadhan 2011/1432H.

I wish to congratulate you for the job well done during the month of Ramadhan. May Allah accepts all your good deeds and reward you with His blessings and forgiveness.

Image source

The sighting of new moon will be held later this afternoon. May this year's Eid brings joys and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Eid Mubarak; Kullu 'Am Wa Antum Bi Khair. Maaf Zahir Batin saya pohon dari kawan-kawan bloggers.  Semoga hubungan silaturrahim kita berkekalan. InshaAllah.

Ramadhan 2011

"Sejahteralah Malam (yang berkat) itu hingga terbit fajar!"MAKA beruntunglah sesiapa yang meninggalkan sebahagian daripada tidurnya untuk sujud memohon rahmat dan keampunanNya.Ramadhan 2011/1432H telah hampir melabuhkan tirainya.

Ramadhan 2011


Dah masuk hari ke 16 berpuasa.
Lagu Raya dah mula berkumandang di corong-corong radio sejak semalam.
Best jugak layan lagu raya masa sangkut dalam traffic jam dalam perjalanan nak balik rumah sebelum berbuka.

Maknanya ada 14 hari lagi nak habis Ramadhan, book mark tadarus anda kat mukasurat berapa ek?

Ramadhan 2011

AlhamdulilLah. Rahmat Ramadhan.  Tak perlu berkejar-kejar nak lunch. Masjid penuh dengan jemaah di waktu Zohor. Ramai yang dah datang masjid dari jam 1.00 ptg walaupun masuk waktu Zohor jam 1.23. Sekurang-kurangnya ada yang dapat 20 minit untuk mengaji atau tidur(?)...ermm.....,whichever is applicable. :)

Salam Ramadhan 2011

Ramadhan Mubarak Ramadhan Kareem Salam Ramadhan untuk semua. Semoga kita berjaya mendapatkan keampunan, kerahmatan dan dijauhkan dari api neraka seperti yang dijanjikan oleh Allah untuk hambaNya yang bertaqwa.
Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya.


StanChart KL Marathon 2011

Allow me to savour this moment!

Wearing the finisher's tee with pride after the gruelling race.

Untuk anak-anak, your baba completed his first full marathon at the age of 42. It shows that nothing is impossible if you put your minds, your hearts and efforts into it.


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StanChart KL Marathon 2011

Getting ready for the biggest physical and mental challenge in my life, so far.....

I am running in category 'B' - that is for Full Marathon Men Veterans.

This is going to be my first attempt to run a full marathon (42km). The qualifying time is 6 hours.

Wish me luck...

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Happy Father's Day

Thank you, kak chik for the lovely card. Baba luv u very much.

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I am getting lazier to run nowadays. This morning, i could only run for 10km after much coaxing from within.

This is not good.

I blamed it on the result of FA cup finals last nite where my home state was beaten 1 - 2 to the neighbouring state.


This is certainly not good.

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I just discovered that I could type an entry using (*.docx) format and then publish it in my blog!
Cool stuffs.
More frequent entry after this? Mmm...let's hope so.

Same Old, Same Old

I am back with the old routine....

First person to come in, last person to leave.
Last person to go back, still first person to come in.
Reach office before 8.00AM, leave only after 10.00PM.

There is so much works, so little time.

And I have been missing my training sessions.

Ermmm....very stressful.

Che Mood Tak De.... :(

Sorry, mood tak de...dah hilang; hopefully my mood will come back soon.

I hate these kind of mixed feelings....when you feel - anger building up inside you; when you feel frustrated; when you feel like you want to choke someone to death; when you feel like you want to smash someone's head to the wall; when you wanna curse everything and anything but at the same time, the other side of you keeps telling you to keep cool; to be more patient; to be forgiving; to accept the qada and qadar of Allah and rezeki comes from Him and on His wills, rezeki can be taken back.

All these has taken away the joy and excitement I had last night after I bought a new pair of running shoes...


Saigon Tour 2011

Currently at departure lounge, Nha Trang airport. Will be taking local flight VN445 from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh city.

Flight is delayed by half an hour; now expected to depart at 3:55pm local time.

Nevermind, nothing to rush anyway. Free and easy until tomorrow afternoon.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Something not quite right about this blogger account.

This was what I updated after we have safely arrived in Nha Trang. It was supposed to be uploaded more than an hour ago, but never came out.


All praises to Allah. We have arrived safely in Nha Trang (pronounce Na Chang) - our final target destination.

Good climb, beautiful beach views from the cliff.

What a fitting finale after four days of grueling ride.


Nevermind, what is important is that we have duly arrived safely at our final destination.

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In between my entries on my Saigon cycling tour 2011, let me take this 2-minutes break to wish my beloved wife ..."Happy Anniversary" yang ke 14.

Thank you, thank you and thank you for being my wife.

Luv u dearest.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Oh God, the headwind is too strong.

Help me please....

We stopped at a petrol station for a short break after we found out that cycling against headwind would not bring us anywhere. None of us had ever experience this before. Imagine cycling at the average speed of 25-28 kilometer per hour against the headwind of the same was almost as standstill!

Saigon Tour 2011

We are passing by the beach town of Mui Ne. Beautiful beaches and lots of tourists, spas, massages and live bands.

They even have their very own version of "alleycats".

Stopped several places to take pictures.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Second break right after the town of Pan Thiet. And I found myself a Twister. Heavenly drink.

Before this, we had a fruity break.

We still do not know the name of this fruit.

It is sweet and taste like durian belanda or sour sop. Even the seeds look the same. Hamdan called the fruit as the passion fruit or buah nona. Others disagreed.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Nothing beats a good hot shower and followed by a glass of hot milo after a long and tough ride.


We cycled more than 120km on this second day of the tour.

After a good lunch - well meals for lunches and dinners so far have been marvelous, we pushed for Ke Ga. A seaside destination about 35km from our lunch stop.

We thought we could reached there in slightly above 2 hours but it took more than 3 and a half hours. When we the junction to route 712 leading to Ke Ga it was about 4pm. The signage said 15km to go.

Doc Olmo suggested for us to proceed; myself and Zul followed suit. We thought we could reach the hotel early and have more time for ourselves. But the headwind was slowing us down again.

As you cut through the headwind you could even hear the sound of the whirlwind buzzing in your ears. The road condition was quite rough and bumpy also slowed us down.

At one point we passed by a school where the school session was just ended. We were practically swarmed by the excited a…

Saigon Tour 2011

The result of 68.7km.

Everything on the table was wipe out clean.

This is grilled cuttle fish.

And this is grilled chopped fish.

It is like "keropok lekor" but with black pepper mixed into it.

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Saigon 2011

Lunch break. Almost 1:30pm.

Reached La Gi. Our target destination for lunch today. Going to take a break before continuing with our journey to Ke Ga.

Approximately 20km more to go. Will use highway 709 to Ke Ga.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Stating the obvious.

It says...KAYUH LAGI 12KM!
And it's climbing...

P/s: La Gi (pronounced as La Zi) is our next target destination en route to Phan Ri Chua.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Taking a break again.

It's hot and we are heading to La Gi (pronounced as La Zi). Another 19km to our half way destination.

We have covered about 48km in slightly over 4hrs of cycling.

Happy kids coming out of school waved at us. "Hello, hello....". Some even said "good morning" with a peace signs.

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Saigon Tour 2011

Second coffee break at about 10:00 am at Binh Chou. After about 34km from our hotel.

Happy faces after long coastal road and riding against the headwind.

Saigon Tour 2011

Dinner for tonite.

Mmm...yummy 'siput batik'.

After the whole day of cycling today, we were looking forward for a good dinner. But since today is Sunday, we have to search for for place to eat because most restaurant close early.

And the taste of that siput....marvelous!

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Saigon Tour 2011

It's about 9pm local time.

We are on our way to our hotel in Bien Hoa located about 35km away from the city of HCM.

We made the right decision to start our journey outside the city - there is no way we could cycle in this place. We could easily be swarmed by the sheer number of the motorbikes. You can see all kinds of motorbikes on the road; but mostly 150cc and below. They came from all over directions. Left, right and even opposite direction.

Reached hotel at about 10pm local time. The assembly of the last bike was only completed almost after 1am.

And we are ready tomorrow!

Modest room for tonite.

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Saigon Tour 2011

I am on flight AK882 from KL to Ho Chi Minh city. Expected to arrive at about a quarter past 3:00 in the afternoon or a quarter past 4:00 KL time.

Time difference in HCM is one hour behind KL.

I am excited and really looking forward to enjoy this "jalan-jalan kayuh basikal" touring Vietnam from the city of HCM to a city called Nha Trang. The total cycling distance is 445km within the span of 5 days.

Amazingly 445 is also the total aggregate number of years of age of the guys in my cycling group. At 42, I am the youngest of the group. Other members are all above 50s.

We have 60(2x), 59, 58, 56, 55(2x) & yours truly at 42. If you add up those number of years, you will get 445!

Amazing....and I pray and hope this is going to be another amazing journey!

Pray for our safety throughout the journey, InshaAllah.

My bike was all set in the bike bag. Started dismantling the bike after 11:00PM last nite and only manage to complete at about 2 in the morning.

Alhamdulillah the check in proce…


Arrgh...., too many things to do and so little time left. Soo Stressed out!

***update camni boleh ke?

Almost 4PM now. Belum lunch. Immediate things to do:

- to go to penggurup wang and change RM to USD
- to buy travelling bag (at sogo?)
- to buy new camera (slim and slick? kalau sempat)
- to dismantle my bike and pack it in the bike bag (gonna take the whole night tonite!)

Many more things to settle in the office. Still got one more meeting tonite at 9pm.

Oh God, help me!

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Cycle in the rain

"Circle in the sun, round and round...." that intro of the song by belinda carlisle somewhre in early 80's kept ringing in my ears when I was cycling this morning.

The only thing was that the lyrics were changed to "cycle in the rain, round and round....".

Yes, it rained when my friends and I were doing Semenyih - Lenggeng - Ulu Branang - Broga - Semenyih route. We had to cut short the trip because of the rain. So, bukit mandom, I will try to conquer you next time.

Distance covered: about 60km with my new tourer bike.

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Was having conversation with Akid while having dinner last nite.

"Baba, fish Akid dah mati"

"Ye ke? Akid tak bagi dia makan kot..."

"Takk...Akid bagi dia makan. Bagi makan petang dengan malam..."

"Akid tak bagi dia makan lauk kot....."

"Apa la Baba ni, ikan mana makan lauk. Akid rasa Akid tahu kenapa dia mati..."


"Sebab dia duduk kat bawah sangat, mesti la lemas!"

"Oh, camtu. Mungkin la kot"

Nasib baik Aku tak tersedak nasi.

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2011 Already?

Are we alredy in 2011?

Damn, how fast time flies. Today my accounts staff would probably ask me to sign the cheques to pay for the staffs' January's salarie.

I was early to office this morning. By 8.00AM I was already parked my car at the basement when my wife called.

"Abang tak bawak beg ofis?"

And only then I realised, in my haste to reach office early, I forgot to bring my laptop knapsack.

Arrghh....what was in my mind this morning?

And this is only my first entry of the year. Bad....

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