UPSR oh UPSR...(results dah keluar da...)

Totally forgotten about the results of UPSR will be announced this morning ..... until heard it over the radio when I was sending my kids to school. Works and crazy deadlines were to blame for all this.!!

Two weeks ago I was the only one who wanted to work on Monday when it was supposed to be extended holiday because Hari Raya Haji fell on Sunday. During a meeting everybody was discussing about sending and exchanging certain documents on Tuesday bla bla..when I interjected, quite confidently and said, "Look, why wait until Tuesday? Whatever you can send on Monday, just send on that we could compile the documents...." Everybody at the meeting looked at me and said, "Encik S, Monday CUTI LA!!!"

I digress...

Back on UPSR results, when the radio announcer announced about the results coming out this morning, I glanced through rear view mirror and saw Kak Ngah sitting at the back. She just smiled. Glad she looked okay... She was quite nervous last week and kept asking her mum the "What if..." questions.

Even my wife also did not say anything about the announcement of UPSR results. She was complaining about the hectic running around that she has to do to squeeze her time to go to my kids' schools to accompany the kids collecting that RM100 per student 'gift' from Najib. Morning sessions, afternoon session etc. Pity her....while the man of the house is so caught up with the works and crazy deadlines in the office.

Adoyai.....bukan senang nak cari rezeki. Anyway cannot complain too much, not good as it would create negative vibes in me. Buat aje lah kerja yang ada. Alhamdulillah, thank you God. I am thankful to YOU.   


Bunga Rampai said…
Wow, tahun depan Kak Ngah masuk tingkatan satu... tahniah! Pastinya satu penghijrahan yang cukup bermakna buat dirinya dan seisi keluarga terutama ayah bonda.

Salam tahun baru 1433H :)

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