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Grandma says.....

Grandma says I'm PRICELESS!

Arif has become a celebrity of sort with all the attention that he gets from his cousins. Every fb page of his cousins are putting Arif's pictures even more than his own mother's fb.

Sakitnya hati

Sakitnya hati ini bila dengar radio B.FM dalam perjalanan ke office pagi tadi.

The DJs were saying something like 'if malays are concentrating too much on the malay language and religion, they won't go anywhere. Because they (referring to the malay language and religion) have no commercial value.'

Please leave my religion out if the equation, especially when you are not a believer!

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Trying hard

I am trying hard to blog these days.

Malasnya nak duduk depan komputer dan menaip blog entry walaupun pada mulanya rasa ada benda nak ditaipkan buat satu entry.

Emmm....entahlah. May be I should just try a little bit harder.

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