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All England 2007

The Malaysian young pair of Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong created the history - again!. The doubles earlier surprised everybody when they won the gold medal at the Asia Games in Doha in 2006. In January 2007, they won the Malaysian Open.

This time they just won the coveted doubles title at the All England Championship. Finally, Malaysian doubles won again after a long draught of 25 years. Yes, I screamed with delight together with my kids when the shuttlecock went off the sideline for the match point.

At last we have a formidable pair that we could be proud of.

Congrats to Kien Keat and Boon Heong. I am proud of your achievements.

Kak Teh, were you there?

Oooops! I did it again....!

Yess, I did it again. **smack on the forehead**

I have tight schedules today so this morning I after the normal salam, kiss kiss and love you(s) with the kids and wife, I rushed out of the house to beat the traffic. Didn't even have time to eat anything on the breakfast table.

Need to rush to the office, get some documents printed then rush to meetings. One at 9.00 and another at 10.00 in the morning. Another two meetings scheduled after the Friday prayer. Nothing else was in my head. Very focussed with the plannings in my head. Print the documents, rush to the first meeting, fifteen minutes before 10.00 a.m. I would ask to be excused, then to rush for the second meeting which would probably last until 12.30 at noon, get a quick bite then rush for prayer. After that, to rush for the third meeting and finally back to the office for the last meeting.

Then while I was about to leave office for the first meeting, this SMS came in,

Happy 10th A'vsary. Luv u so much. [8.52 AM]
Alamaak, l…