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Message Inbox

I normally delete all my messages in my phone inbox after one or two weeks or if the number of messages reached 20 or more. But there are several inspiring messages that I still keep because I treasure them very much.

Message 1
Once over, buat la solat syukur and among other things, feed anak yatim ka, apa2 la. [From: Fuad Hp2. 9.37 a.m. 11-Nov-05]

Message 2
Penah dengag ustaz cakap, bila ada musibah, mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya, munkin zakat belum bayag, munkin kita sombong dgn org lain, munkin tamaknya kita ngan harta kita, munkin lalai kita ngan Tuhan dll, just share not offensive, i hope [From: Fuad Hp2. 10.28 p.m. 11-Nov-05]

These two messages came during the trying times that had befallen upon my family and I (read here, here and here).

Message 3
Alhamdulillah. With Allah's grace u n ur family been able 2 walk away from this tragedy unscathed. Syukur alhamdulillah 2 Allah SWT. Congratulations 2 u n family. [From: Syed M 5.17 p.m 19-Dec-05]

Message 4
Alhamdulillah, tahniah. So gla…

Uncle Din

Anak-anak ingat Uncle Din lagi?

Alaa, kawan Ayah dari Singapore tu. Yang selalu bawak hadiah /coklat setiap kali dia datang rumah kita tu.

Sebenarnya Ayah ada dapat berita gembira dari dia hari Isnin lepas (20 Feb). Dalam SMS dia kepada Ayah awal pagi Isnin tempohari, dia ada bagitahu yang dia akan melangsungkan pertunangan dengan seorang gadis dari utara tanahair pada hari ni, 24 Feb.

AlhamdulilLah, akhirnya Uncle Din bertemu jodoh. Ayah hanya sempat balas SMS dan ucapkan tahniah sahaja dan minta maaf sebab tak dapat join convoy Uncle Din hari ini. Ini SMS yang Ayah balas kat dia,
Dear Saif, received yr msg. Gr8 news n i m happy 4 u. Sori x join d convoy. Wish u all happiness [10.28 a.m. 21-Feb-06]
Sepatutnya, kalau Ayah nak ikut sama, Ayah kena jumpa dan berkumpul dekat Tol Sungai Buluh pukul 6.00 pagi tadi.

Cuma Ayah sedikit risau sekarang ni sebab Ayah tak tahu samada majlis pertunangan itu akan diteruskan atau tidak sebab kelmarin (22 Feb) Ayah ada terima the following SMS dari dia,

Sup Ayam for the Soul

A father was busy at office preparing for his outstation trip one day before the Valentine Day. He received a call from his wife informing him that their daughter's application to her favorite college has been accepted.

Oh great. That's a cause to celebrate. He thought. On his way to the airport, the father called a florist and asked for a bouquet of fresh roses to be sent to his daughter on the Valentine's Day.

The next day, he received a call from his daughter.

"When I saw the delivery man at the door, I thought the flowers were for Mum because it's the Valentine's Day. But then I saw name on it. Oh Goodness, I thought they were from my boyfriend. When I found out that it was from you, I just couldn't believe it!."

"I love you Dad, this is the best Valentine's gift I ever had."

DISCLAIMER: This is also not a Valentine post, err like this one.

Sleeping with my Baby

I’ve learned that having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world.
I’ve learned that simple walks with my father around the block on summer nights when I was a child, did wonders for me as an adult.I’ve learned that there’s nothing sweeter than sleeping with your babies and feeling their breaths in your cheeks.[Andy Rooney, quoted in Stories for My Mother
The Star, 13 Februay, 2006.]

Safety First

I was driving to work this morning when I saw a mother driving along MRR2 with a toddler on her laps!. I guess she was sending her baby to a nursery or her babysitter's place on her way to work.

With her right hand on the wheel and her other hand cradling her baby who could just be about 8 - 12 months of age, she seemed to struggle a bit while negotiating the slow moving morning traffic.

I could just cringed. Aduuh, how could she has no regards to safety of her baby, herself, her car and other road users?

In the probability of one over a million that this person reads my blog, I say to you - the driver of Perodua Kancil EX850 bearing registration plate WKM36*7, please, please, please, think of your loved ones. On Malaysian roads, that's suicidal.

Reminder to self

To Mr. OSH,

First Reminder - Update this Blog more regularly!!!.

Second Reminder - Don't ever ever send any lover dovey - intimate - adults only - message to wife again unless your are sure that the hand phone is in her hand!. The message might got into wrong hands.

End of quick reminder. Thank you.

(Signed illegible).