Safety First

I was driving to work this morning when I saw a mother driving along MRR2 with a toddler on her laps!. I guess she was sending her baby to a nursery or her babysitter's place on her way to work.

With her right hand on the wheel and her other hand cradling her baby who could just be about 8 - 12 months of age, she seemed to struggle a bit while negotiating the slow moving morning traffic.

I could just cringed. Aduuh, how could she has no regards to safety of her baby, herself, her car and other road users?

In the probability of one over a million that this person reads my blog, I say to you - the driver of Perodua Kancil EX850 bearing registration plate WKM36*7, please, please, please, think of your loved ones. On Malaysian roads, that's suicidal.


AuntyN said…
I echo you, safety first. I cringe at the thought. I know the feeling of having a child on my lap while driving. But I have never opted for a driving like that when I have babies with me.
sya said…
OS.. kak sya cukup menyampah pemandu jenis ni.. My ex MIL selalu kata biar anak menangis jgn kita menangis kelak.

Pernah sekali bukan kat jalan biasa tapi kat highway, laki dok driving ada baby kat atas lap and bini dia senang lenang kat sebelah.

I really don't understand this type of people. Manjakan anak biar bertempat. Nanti menyesal kemudian hari.

Pernah sekali kak sya drive and letak my second child kat sebelah siap ngan seat belt.. masa tu dia about 1 yr old and tak sihat... she was crying and crying... kak sya drive jugak hinggalah dia diam sendiri.
wan said…
tak pernah terkena. kalau dah terkena baru mereka insaf.

membahayakan 2 nyawa sekaligus, dan keselamatan orang lain.
demonsinme said…
yup safety first that's the thing totally agree withya.

but, the problem is, we have always have a distorted definition of love. i agree to what sya says, well her MIL to be exact, its better to let the baby cry now than we cry later.

first time commenting here, so for lack of proper salutation.
1bloghopper said…
:) aiyooh, bukan ke britney spears did the same thing last week? should have her reminded too..
Dear Aunty N, Sya, Wan, Demonsinme, Kak Teh and 1bloghopper,

Thank for sharing your thoughts. Memang orang kita kurang pentingkan keselamatan. Dah kena baru nak pikir dan nyesal.

Demonsinme - welcome and waht an awesome blog you have.

1bloghopper - do hop in again.

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