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I normally delete all my messages in my phone inbox after one or two weeks or if the number of messages reached 20 or more. But there are several inspiring messages that I still keep because I treasure them very much.

Message 1
Once over, buat la solat syukur and among other things, feed anak yatim ka, apa2 la. [From: Fuad Hp2. 9.37 a.m. 11-Nov-05]

Message 2
Penah dengag ustaz cakap, bila ada musibah, mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya, munkin zakat belum bayag, munkin kita sombong dgn org lain, munkin tamaknya kita ngan harta kita, munkin lalai kita ngan Tuhan dll, just share not offensive, i hope [From: Fuad Hp2. 10.28 p.m. 11-Nov-05]

These two messages came during the trying times that had befallen upon my family and I (read here, here and here).

Message 3
Alhamdulillah. With Allah's grace u n ur family been able 2 walk away from this tragedy unscathed. Syukur alhamdulillah 2 Allah SWT. Congratulations 2 u n family. [From: Syed M 5.17 p.m 19-Dec-05]

Message 4
Alhamdulillah, tahniah. So glad to know they r ok. Allah is always there for us. [From: K Wan 6.41 p.m 19-Dec-05]

These two messages I received after Wife had safely given birth to AKID.

Message 5
Salam, only knew of yr unfrtunate accdnt just now. Aftr readng yr blog. really feel bad cz had not been a friend in need. will emel u later. do take care dear n salam 4 Aida. [From: Sham 2.27 p.m 1-Jan-06]

Anak-Anak ku,

There's nothing more meaningful than comforting words and support from your loved ones and friends during your hard times, when your chips are down or when you feeling hopeless in the face of adversity.

Uncle Fuad dan Uncle Syed M were some of the closest friends that Ayah have way back during the Uni days. Together with 2 other guys, we were the best partners in crime and accomplice in everything we did at the campus. Uncle Syed M also sent many messages expressing his willingnes to share tips and his experience in handling pre-mature baby - at that time we were all worried that Ibu might need to give birth earlier than the expected date because of the accident.

I am sure Anak2 could recall Auntie Wan and Auntie Sham. Auntie Wan was Ayah's former partner at the firm and Auntie Sham was Ayah's former colleague and close friend when she was practising law at the firm, until she quit practice to follow her husband and later settled down in Trengganu.

I am proud to say that it was from the doa, support and comforting words from our close families and friends that gave Ayah and all of us the strength to overcome the greatest test so far in our lives.


ni gonchaq said…
mm... baru tahu yang hero ni geng budak kampung rupanya

Kak Teh said…
Alhamdulillah. Yes, Allah sends us messages in different ways and points us to the directions where He wants us to open our eyes and our hearts.
wan said…
Iyela. Pengajarannya we cannot live all by ourselves. Jangan selfish.

Peringatan utk saya juga..
sya said…
OS.. at times friends are the best gift that Allah has given to us without we noticing it.. for me Faji and Liza my closest friend during my UKM days is my pillars of strength. Alhamdullilah

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