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That Miracle Boy is now ONE

Yes, this boy is today one year old.

His birth a year ago was nothing less than a miracle to us.

How we survived the accident (read here, here and here) was a miracle.

How we came out of the wreckage was a miracle. Our less than one year old MPV was totally written off.

How you survived in the fragile womb of your Ibu was a miracle. Your Ibu was into her six and a half months old pregnancy when that fateful accident occurred. The doctors tried hard to 'keep' you inside as the chances of you surviving from a premature delivery was very slim.

How you scared the hell out of us when you didn't breathe in the first twenty to thirty seconds of your arrival to this world. How the peaditricians were frantically trying to revive you in the labour room. How your Ibu cried when you were quickly whisked away to the ICU ward thereafter, depriving your Ibu of her first embrace.

How I totally absolutely submit to the wills of Allah.

La hau la wala quwwata illa bilLah.

And Allahu Akbar, Allah is …

Dialog dengan Anak

Abang bangun pagi ni dengan pipi bengkak sebesar separuh bola ping pong. Patut lah malam tadi dia dua tiga kali terjaga. Sakit gigi rupanya.

"Abang, nanti kita pegi klinik ya, jumpa doktor"

"Doktor yang mana satu?"

"Dentist la, yang ubatkan gigi Kak Long hari tu"

"Tak nak, nak doktor yang biasa"

(Ye lah tu, doktor yang biasa tu selalu bagi vitamin lepas check up. Dentist yang dekat rumah tu lelaki India, mungkin dia gerun sikit sebab tak biasa).

"Laa, doktor tu dia tak pandai pasal sakit gigi. Kalau sakit gigi kena pegi jumpa doktor gigi"

"Tapi Abang bukan sakit gigi, Abang sakit pipiaje.........."

Aduus, auta pulak anak jantan aku ni.


Dua tiga hari lepas,..................

"Ibu, nanti bila Abang besar, Abang nak tukar bilik ni jadi labour room, bilik ni jadi labour room".

Abang cakap kat Ibunya sambil menuding ke arah biliknya dan bilik Kak Long dan Kak Ngah.

"Labour room? Kenapa Abang nak tukar jadi …