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Quick Updates

Apologies because I still could not find time to finish what I have started.

I have aprroximately 20 minutes for quick updates before I have to attend the Shariah committee meeting forthis bankthis morning.

Then I have to drive to a training centre in Bangi to give talk on Islamic finance to the staffs of this bank. The session will start from 11.30 a.m. and scheduled to end until 4.45 p.m.

After that I have to rush back to KL and show up at the Hari Raya gathering of this bank.

The whole of last week and this week, I have been having meeting with the Shariah committee members of this bank. I was to be on stand by as they would need my presence as and when they have any questions or queries on the legal documents that I have prepared before they endorsed the documents as Shariah compliant. This is even tougher than dealing with the Shariah committee of the bank that I mentioned earlier as the members of the Shariah committee comprises of two Shariah experts from Saudi and two local Sharia…

Post Hari Raya III - Pengumunan Ringkas

Pengumuman Ringkas

Hari ni 13 November 2006 adalah bersamaan dengan 21 Syawal 1427.

Sesiapa yang masih berhajat untuk menunaikan puasa sunat enam hari dibulan Syawal, InshaAllah, masih sempat lagi.

Ada sepotong hadis yang lebih kurang bermaksud, "barang siapa yang berpuasa sebulan bulan Ramadhan dan ditambah dengan berpuasa selama enam hari di dalam bulan syawal, dia akan diberikan ganjaran pahala seolah2 berpuasa selama sepanjang tahun."

Rebut lah peluang ini. InshaAllah semoga amalan kita diterimaNya.

Sekian, sehingga bertemu lagi di hari dan waktu yang sama minggu hadapan. Assalamu alaikum warahmatulLahi wabarakaatuh.

(Ceywah macam penutup rancangan Al-Kulliyyah lah pulak.)

Post Hari Raya II

The balik kampung trips from KL to Melaka, then to Pasir Mas Darul Naim and thereafter back to KL were all according to what have been planned.


But that did not mean that it was uneventful. Any planning, even how meticulously it being planned, there must be some elements of surprise abound.

So that Saturday (21st October) we drove back to Melaka after sending our maid to her uncle's place in Keramat. There was an overturned lorry in the middle of the road somewhere before Pedas exit. Lots of watermelon all over the roadside causing a crawl. I thought to myself, "mmm... free watermelon for Raya Open house would be nice". But unfortunately, the accident was on the other side of the highway (leading to KL). Heh he....

Reached Ayer Keroh by 11.00 a.m. (alah dokek jo!). The kids were all happy to see their cousins. I took a nap after unloading the luggages. A loong nap. Woke up just in time for my Zuhur prayer.

Later went to Brothers Melaka (somewher in Malim) …

Post Hari Raya


Ya, sudah kembali.

Dah masuk kerja pun since Monday.

Dah tinggalkan jejak kat blog kawan2 yang lain.

Tapi, masih mim alif lam sim untuk update blog sendiri.

Macam ni boleh kira update ke? No?