Quick Updates

Apologies because I still could not find time to finish what I have started.

I have aprroximately 20 minutes for quick updates before I have to attend the Shariah committee meeting for this bank this morning.

Then I have to drive to a training centre in Bangi to give talk on Islamic finance to the staffs of this bank. The session will start from 11.30 a.m. and scheduled to end until 4.45 p.m.

After that I have to rush back to KL and show up at the Hari Raya gathering of this bank.

The whole of last week and this week, I have been having meeting with the Shariah committee members of this bank. I was to be on stand by as they would need my presence as and when they have any questions or queries on the legal documents that I have prepared before they endorsed the documents as Shariah compliant. This is even tougher than dealing with the Shariah committee of the bank that I mentioned earlier as the members of the Shariah committee comprises of two Shariah experts from Saudi and two local Shariah experts. One of the Saudi Shariah advisor was not conversant in English, so every time I explained something, his colleague would translate and explain to the former and then they spent 15 - 20 minutes discussing whether what I had explained was acceptable from Shariah perspectives.

And at home..........aah, it's like wad kanak-kanak.

All except Abang Akmal were having fever.

Kak Long has not been going to school since Monday this week. Extended her MCs twice already.

Baby Akid kept his mum awake the whole night yesterday and I have to keep the body temperatures of Kak Ngah and Kak Chik in check a few times during the night for the last two nights.

Brought all of them to Ampang Putri yesterday and came back with a bag full of medicines - terasa macam shopping kat Giant pulak. Yes , for RM350 and a bagful of medicines, it really felt like we went for our monthly shopping trip to buy groceries.

Time's up. Have to go now. Have a good weekend.



~ahni~ said…
Wahhh... so many bank aaa... Next time OS kena belajar cakap arab

Yeah, good luck to you. Cheers.
AuntyN said…
Get well soon to all anak-anak OSH.
AuntyN said…
Get well soon to all anak-anak OSH.
AHNI: cakap Arab? he he setakat ana anta, nak pegi mana naik unta? Cheers!

AuntyN: thanks. Bapaknya pun dah rasa macam nak tumbang nih. :(
Kak Teh said…
wow, thatwas a quick round up. I hope semua dah baik dan sehat sekarang. Musim demam ke?
Mak Andeh said…
Ampang Putri memang cekik darah bab ubat dan bills - and sorry to say the medicine dispensed by my GP worked better and cost a fraction (one-tenth) of what APSH bagi.

Hope anak-anak you semua sihat seperti sediakala - so that from wad kanak-kanak jadi playground sementelah cuti sekolah ini.
Kak Teh: Thanks. May be the weather (blame it on something!).

Mak Andeh: I normally bring my kids to APSH after the meds from the clinic near my house were not effective. And normally the kids get better after taking the meds from APSH. So what to do?
bunga rampai said…
Salam. Oooh, saya baca entri ni pun sesak nafas jadinya :))

Moga anak-anak cepat sembuh (jangan lepas tu bapanya pula sakit..hehe).

Selamat berhujung minggu..
Anonymous said…

Get well soon. Then you can enjoy the school holiday..
Cik Rampai: Si Ayah dah pun terbungkam sepanjang hari minggu yang lalu.

Bro Jiwa: anak2 demam bersilih ganti. belum sempat untuk fikir untuk cuti ke mana-mana.
bisutulibuta said…
kesian...sure kau tak der masa nak menenggek..saya amat simpati
BTB: Lu silap bro. Baru aje pagi tadi mandi niat, letih bersilat lum hilang agi.
no way! Mahalnya ubat. I thot kat Denmark aje mahal.
UglyButAdorable said…
bro..sorry to hear that the kids not feeling well..get well soon yaaa..

and i'm still waiting the criter raya after the airline ticket tu..or did i miss that
Ailin: kalau pergi specialists memang mahal.

CikAdorable: kids are well already. Thanks
Anggun said…
Bro..tabik lerr..bersilat betull

You memang SUPERsuperhero..not an ordinary one..

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