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Pakcik Kayo.....

Ado orang baei duit pree kek Pakcik. Tontulah Pakcik kayo.....


I think the Bank must be desparate to make people spend more money and use their credit card. I came back from work last Monday and saw a cheque bearing my name from Maybank for a sum of RM2,000.00.

Interest free. Go on and use it - as if I could hear the cheque invitingly said to me.

Now wait. This could not be true. Where in the world could you find such a generous Bank willingly giving you money with no strings attached? I read the terms again.
It's so simple.
Just deposit the enclosed cheque into any of your banking accountsHassle free - no documents to fill inNo waiting for processing or approval.
So I read further down.

It's interest free for 6 months. And I would have to pay 6 equal monthly installments of RM333.33 per month. Mmmm....not bad, (RM333.33 x 6 = RM1,999.98) - still a good deal. Meaning, I could enjoy RM2,000 cash now and pay back later in six months time - even then, with 2 cents lesser.

So, wh…

Meeting with a Malaysian Poet

I met with an interesting person last Sunday.

Someone who introduced himself as a 'Malaysian Poet'.

As I was driving home after a brief stop at 7-11 nearby my house, when I saw this guy at a junction. He was making gestures as if he wanted to ask for a lift. I stopped and asked him where he was heading to. He said he was going to his mother's house not far from the surau near my housing area.

I offered him a lift even though I needed to detour a bit from my original route. But never mind. Why pass the chance to do a small good deed to a fellow muslim - I said to myself.

"Mmm, this is nice, very strong, very nice" he said while his hand touched the dashboard of my car. I just smiled.

"My name is Megat ***". He extended his hand. We shoke hands.

"I'm S". I introduced myself.

"Thank you Mr. S. I appreciate this very much." He then continued, "I'm a poet, Mr. S. I'm a Malaysian Poet. I write poems and sell them for a living&qu…

Family trip to......ZOO

Went to the Zoo last Tuesday, taking advantage of the public holiday.

The kids had been pestering me to bring them to the Zoo too many times already. And the pestering had reached the level that you just could not say NO or postpone it anymore. Plus, the Zoo is just 5 - 10 minutes drive from our home.

And not that they have never visited the Zoo before. All my kids have been there before. Either during their field trips when they were in kindergarten or together their Uncle and cousins. But incidently, never with their own father. Yes, I have never been to the Zoo.

So, off the whole family went to the Zoo - minus AKID. Almost called off the trip intially due to intermittent rain. Glad we had a good time. Kids were extremely happy when the current 'injunction' on ice cream was lifted by the 'judge' albeit temporarily.

No price for guessing who is the owner of the spiderman shoes on the extreme left.

FACE OFF - KakLong (right) and Kak Ngah.

SQUARE OFF - Abang Akmal and Kak Chi…

Today's Special

Hand written menu pasted in a 'mamak' restaurant at Jalan Melaka in front of Bank Muamalat:


I was like - hah, Kambing Kampong?!!

Mmmm, I have heard about some restaurants serving Ayam Kampung as one of their specialty dishes, but Kambing Kampong? Never heard of this one before.

Is there such thing called Kambing Bandar in the first place?

Hail Man U


Manchester United (2) v. Arsenal (0).

What a match. I had to suppress my scream of delight when Rooney scored the first goal in the 54th minute because everybody at home was already asleep.

And what a big night for Park Jae Sung! He scored his first goal (74th minute) in the EPL in one of the most important match of the season.

Hooray, now I have good reason to call SAP and Abu for lunch this week and ask them to pick up the bill. Mmmmm, where to go ah?.

Sayang Sangat

Semalam, anak Ayah yang kedua pergi sekolah dengan muka masam mencuka.

Sebab? Kah kah kah. Kecil aje sebabnya - Ayah cakap Kak Ngah nampak tak cantik sebab dia pakai tudung dengan baju lengan pendek.

Memang setiap hari Rabu, Kak Ngah ada subjek Pendidikan Jasmani. Jadi dia akan pakai baju sukan sekolah warna putih dengan seluar sukan (track bottom) biru gelap sekolah. Pagi semalam dia nak pakai tudung pulak.

Mana masyuuk - pakai tudung dengan baju lengan pendek. Jadi, Ayah cakaplah yang dia nampak tak cantik kalau pakai macam tu. Memang anak Ayah yang nombor dua ni manja terlebih orangnya dan sensitif sikit kalau bab2 appearance ni. Dia ni jenis nak melawa macam nenek dia jugak kot.

Kebiasaannya, Kak Ngah akan pakai baju kurung setiap hari ke sekolah dan akan memakai tudung pada hari Isnin dan Jumaat. Ayah pun tak tahu kenapa hari Isnin dan Jumaat aja. Itu Kak Ngah sendiri yang decide.


Anak2 ku,

Ayah tak ada lah sampai nak paksa anak2 perempuan Ayah pakai tudung menutup aurat macam Ibu…

Berjumpa SIFU di Alam Siber

KAH3x Tajuk macam cerita buku Tamar Jalis aja.Tak sangka rupanya SIFU juga mempunyai blog.Ampuun Sifu. Hamba patik mintak ampun kalau ada keceluparan atau tingkah laku yang kurang sopan. Sebenarnya, dah banyak kali melawat blog Sifu tapi tak tahu pulak Sifu pun rajin ber-blog. Dah lupa pun dari mana hamba patik dapat pautan ke blog Sifu.Sudi-sudi lah mencemar duli ke serambi hamba ini.
Anak2 ku,
Sifu adalah antara orang yang penting dalam perkembangan karier Ayah. Terutama dalam penglibatan Ayah dalam perbankan Islam. Sifu sendiri adalah antara orang yang terawal terlibat dalam perbankan Islam di Malaysia dan beliau juga terkenal di arena perbankan Islam antarabangsa.Banyak yang sebenarnya Ayah belajar dari ilmu dan pengalaman Sifu.
For that, I’m eternally indebted to you, SIFU.