Family trip to......ZOO

Went to the Zoo last Tuesday, taking advantage of the public holiday.

The kids had been pestering me to bring them to the Zoo too many times already. And the pestering had reached the level that you just could not say NO or postpone it anymore. Plus, the Zoo is just 5 - 10 minutes drive from our home.

And not that they have never visited the Zoo before. All my kids have been there before. Either during their field trips when they were in kindergarten or together their Uncle and cousins. But incidently, never with their own father. Yes, I have never been to the Zoo.

So, off the whole family went to the Zoo - minus AKID. Almost called off the trip intially due to intermittent rain. Glad we had a good time. Kids were extremely happy when the current 'injunction' on ice cream was lifted by the 'judge' albeit temporarily.

No price for guessing who is the owner of the spiderman shoes on the extreme left.

FACE OFF - KakLong (right) and Kak Ngah.

SQUARE OFF - Abang Akmal and Kak Chik.

Anak-anak ku,

Thanks for the enjoyable trip.

Side track: Why so may couples were seen dating at the Zoo? I mean, of all places - why Zoo?


anggerik merah said…
Matching cap and shoes ke? Can guess now..

Kids always amaze with zoo. My lil man too. Kalau boleh every month nak pergi zoo. My hse also abt 10 min to zoo.
Anggerik Merah - yes, that's my boy. Nampaknya kena jadi Zookeeper lah kita.
sya said…
OS.. orang yg dating kat Zoo tu ramai sedara kat sana .. nak minta restu le tuh.

Dah lama tak ke Zoo, my youngest belum pernah jejak kaki lagik kat Zoo. planning nak bawa masa cuti sekolah in May tapi ramai orang kan during that time?
abdullahjones said…
sebab pernah kamu dengar pasangan di tangkap khalwat di zoo?
Kak Teh said…
OSH, Love those pictures of the children! U have really captured the best moments! Dating at the zoo? Ya, I have to agree with Abdullah Jones, tak boleh ditangkap sebab ada makhlok lain bersama, bukan?
Sya - nak mintak restu? Again, of all places? Wakaka

AbdullahJones - Mungkin betul lah agaknya, tu yang depa dok pi dating kat situ.

Kak Teh - amboi, reasoning mengalahkan loyar. Yes, the kids never fail to amaze me with their antics.
wan said…
Precious moments.. bila pegi mana² dgn our kids.
edryna said…
masa i study dulu my housemate pun ada date kat zoo...pelik tapi benar..
jgn ikut perangai binatang masa date sudahlah..
maybe apa yg AJ komen ada betulnya.
Wan - really precious moments, even kat rumah pun.

Edryna - memang pelik tapi benar. Asalkan jangan sekali2 ikut mereka (binatang kat zoo tuh) sudah lah...
Syikin said…
dah lama tak p zoo.mmg nak p jugak sbb huda n alia blm penah sampai sana.

kak ngah tu nampak lagi besar drp kak long..

hmm..soalan abdullah jones tu blh diterima gak.mmg tak de rasanya penguatkuasa jawi wat rondaan kat sana, kena harapkan kakitangan zoolah jawabnya.
Syikin - memang Kak Long tu kecik sikit dari Kak Ngah.

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