Meeting with a Malaysian Poet

I met with an interesting person last Sunday.

Someone who introduced himself as a 'Malaysian Poet'.

As I was driving home after a brief stop at 7-11 nearby my house, when I saw this guy at a junction. He was making gestures as if he wanted to ask for a lift. I stopped and asked him where he was heading to. He said he was going to his mother's house not far from the surau near my housing area.

I offered him a lift even though I needed to detour a bit from my original route. But never mind. Why pass the chance to do a small good deed to a fellow muslim - I said to myself.

"Mmm, this is nice, very strong, very nice" he said while his hand touched the dashboard of my car. I just smiled.

"My name is Megat ***". He extended his hand. We shoke hands.

"I'm S". I introduced myself.

"Thank you Mr. S. I appreciate this very much." He then continued, "I'm a poet, Mr. S. I'm a Malaysian Poet. I write poems and sell them for a living".

"Mmmm, that's interesting...." I said.

He then went on briefly about himself. He said has lived in London for many years, worked with a foreign bank and later came back and worked with a local merchant bank. He loved writing and now he's doing it full time. He said he was working on a book on management or something.

We reached his mother's house and I stopped right in front of the gate. It was a nice bungalow.

"Would you like to buy my poem, Mr. S? Please buy my poem Mr. S. Just RM10 per poem."

He took out a stack of envelopes from his bag and handed two envelopes to me. One with a word "Fragrance" written on it and the other, "Solar". I guessed they were the titles of his poems.

"Take these two for RM20 Mr. S. Please Mr. S, that would help me a little bit."

"Err...mmm..okay" I agreed and took out two red notes and gave him the money.

"Thank you, thank you. I'm grateful to meet you. I will do'a for you Mr. S". He thanked me again and gave me his name card. These were what written on his card -

Megat *** Bin Tan Sri Datuk ***


The glittering crystal moon shines brightly making complete solitude of loveliness. Mannequin style loeliest serenity. All shades of beauty the foral incense. So beautiful the feeling of love.

Be responsibly dutiful Malaysian.

Be alert and practical strive for betterment.




I told my Wife about the meeting once I reached home. She just laughed.

Were the poems worth the money that I paid? I do not know. I read the two poems several times and still could not figure out the message of the author.

Never mind, I told myself that the money I gave him was a gift from me to him for his endeavours to earn an honest living. And the poems? Not really relevant to me. They were just the conduits to his rezeki.


edryna said…
My bro pernah kena masa we all stay kat Bukit XXX ni..he gave this guy RM10..tapi tak surelah org yg sama atau tak..
Edryna - I think most likely we were referring to the same person.
JiwaRasa - memang Tuhan jadikan manusia ini bermacam2 ragam.
~ahni~ said…
i would say nice rather than weird, both of you, Mr. S and En. M'sian poet

-i'm weird though-
Ku Keng said…
I know this guy. Very well. Bought a few poets from him in the past. Not that I understood his messages but he needed the money for his daily needs. Harmless guy.
Ahni - me? weird? Where got? :)

KengTembaga - ya, me too could not decipher the message in his poems.

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